Sweater Weather Griping the Nation

I always feel bad for the corporate men and women who have to wear suits and ties during the summer months. Now with wave after wave of arctic blasts coming down from Canada and making most U.S. states unbearably cold, it might just be the perfect outfit to wear right now. Experts best advice to citizens, during cold weather patterns, is to dress up in layers. Each layer of clothing offers a protective shield against the cold weather and also provides installation for retaining more of your own body heat. A typical suit and tie outfit, will consist of a cotton T-shirt, a dress shirt, and then a stylish jacket. This corporate-looking business attire is actually a great winter weather outfit. Dressing up in a suit right now, is the smart way to dress during these super cold spells, most of the country is having to deal with right now. You should also have a heavier coat, that can button or zip up, to provide 1 more additional layer of clothing. So for everyone who is enjoying the warm weather protection a business suit provides right now. Will also have to remember the long hot days of summer ahead; where the suit is not as comfortable to wear. It’s just like everything else in life. No matter how great or how bad something is, you can sure bet that a trade off is just around the corner!

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The Building Blocks to Your Online Business

A picture can say a 1000 words and this one certainly does. It shows the road map to success online. You see the small building blocks that lead to the much larger blocks. We all have to start some where and it’s usually small when we do begin a online business or taking advantage of our first online opportunity to earn money. This picture also shows something else that is very important and it’s more than one person. Don’t try to do everything yourself and try to find an online team to help you succeed online. Various social networking websites like Trafficera, ApSense, or you could try to market at a place like Facebook or MySpace. These are all excellent places to make friends and build business contacts online.

If you want a team to help you succeed online, you can join Google Ranked Us or give our Samba Ramba Team a try at Traffic Dance. Both of these marketing teams can help you succeed with your online dreams. Not only do you get the benefits of others working hard for you, but you get that daily motivation that keeps you going. You can also find a wealth of knowledge on new programs; along with tips and marketing advice for your current programs.

If you just want to earn your first dollar online and ready to start right this minute, you can join Clixsense or Linkgrand to get you started immediately. Both of these programs are free to join and easy to promote online. Building huge downlines at each program is the key to making them really work for you. You can also earn more money if you login to each one several times a day, so you’re clicking the latest and newest ads that come into the system several dozens of times each day. Be sure to check on them frequently, if you want to click your way to an online income. Upgrading is the best way to go and each program will only cost you $10 to upgrade and this will last for an entire year. You don’t have to upgrade to make money and free members can earn too. You just make your money faster, if you can afford the $10 investment and it will last for a full 365 days! Most members will earn this $10 back in 3 months or less. These are the perfect building blocks for those that are new to making money online and both programs are super easy to understand.

Finding a place to earn money while promoting your programs is rare online. I have the number 1 traffic exchange for paying their members a low cashout of only $3; while they award their members .30 cents for every 1000 pages they surf. You don’t have to surf all 1000 pages in the same day. You can do a few today, a few tomorrow, and so on. Your pages surfed; keeps a running tally, so you’re not forced to surf long periods in just 1 day. The best part is not the cash you earn from surfing here, but you also get some of the best advertising results, you can find from any traffic exchange or other advertising platform online. This special and unique way to earn money while promoting the programs you’re already advertising for online is called EasyHits4U. Everyone should be a member here and I do mean everyone! Not a lot of money to earn here, but you do earn some and you won’t get better results from any other place online, that is FREE to join!

You have just found a road map to success that cuts out all of the other worthless advice and ways others want you to earn online. You have to start small and build a solid foundation for it to work at the end. A traffic empire is needed for online marketers and you achieve this by building up your downlines at various traffic exchanges. Be sure you’re promoting traffic exchanges that will reward you credits for each page a referral surfs. I have made an easy-to-follow list on these traffic exchanges; which offer this key feature. Be sure to first join Easy Hits 4U and they reward you 5 levels deep for the downline you create with them. Someone on your 5th level surfs a page, they’re earning you an advertising credit, so you can show your pages without even surfing! Join EasyHits4U first and then you can join the other traffic exchanges you should be promoting online.

Everything you need to earn money online is right here. You do need a place to receive your money, so be sure you have a Pay Pal and Alert Pay account, so you’re free to join and promote any program online you want. The only thing holding you back now is you! These are the small blocks that will build to the huge ones and you can accomplish these steps with programs you’re already promoting now. All of these programs are just creating more streams of income that will lead straight to your pockets!

1. Sign Up for Social Networking Websites to Build Business Contacts

2. Join a Team Online Dedicated to Marketing

3. Sign Up for Free to LinkGrand and Clixsense

4. Join Traffic Exchanges that Pay Their Members in Credits and Cash for their Referrals

5. Show Your Referral Links from All Programs (cross promoting)

6. Cashout and Go Spend Your Money!

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NFL Targets Florida for Pro and Super Bowl Games

The National Football League is trying a little something new this year. They will no longer be traveling to the beautiful islands that make up the state of Hawaii. The Pro Bowl which is an all star game for NFL football players has always been played in Hawaii. This game has always took place after the Super Bowl was complete, but not this year as the NFL moves the Pro Bowl Game to the Sunshine State of Florida.

NFL Pro Bowl in Florida

What are your thoughts about the new NFL schedule that puts the Pro Bowl ahead of the Super Bowl? Every player in the past that got voted in or deserved to be on the Pro Bowl team got to play. That isn’t the case this year. In 2010 the Pro Bowl game will not feature any players from the teams that are playing in the Super Bowl next Sunday. I guess the NFL doesn’t want to risk any injuries 1 week before the big game. The all star Super Bowl players will be in Florida for tonight’s game that pits the AFC all stars against the NFC all stars, but they will only be there for show. No players participating in the Super Bowl will be allowed to play in the 2010 Pro Bowl game in Florida.

As faith would have it, the 2010 Super Bowl will also be played in the state of Florida this year. So it makes traveling a lot easier on the fans that plan to attend both games and now they can take an 8 day trip to the state of Florida and see the Pro Bowl tonight and then watch the Super Bowl next Sunday. The kickoff time for the Super Bowl is for 6:25 PM Eastern Standard Time or local time in Florida. Tonight’s Pro Bowl Game will start about 7:20 PM EST. The NFL has to be a welcome sight for the business owners in Florida, since they will be hosting two big NFL games in the next 2 weeks and these football fans will be needing places to eat and stay; while they are taking in these two high profiled NFL match ups.

I expect the NFC to play better this year, but it seems the AFC always has their number. Maybe the Indianapolis Colts that are Pro Bowl caliber players will be missed and help the NFC to make this a better match up, than some of the awful games we have bared witness to in the past. The NFC will be without the New Orleans Saints players who are on that all star level.

I’m sure the Colts and Saints fans are happy that both of their teams are in the Super Bowl this year. However, neither city will get to watch any of their own guys play in the Pro Bowl game. I think this is a poor idea by the NFL to move the Pro Bowl to Florida and play it 1 week before the Super Bowl. NFL fans should get to see the best players in the world play against each other and now they won’t have that opportunity with 2 teams missing from tonight’s festivities. I vote that the NFL moves the Pro Bowl game to July 4th and we play it at a different venue each year. Much like the MLB All Star Game does for the 2nd Tuesday in July, when they move their game around, so all the baseball fans can get the opportunity to see the world’s best players all one one stage at the same time. The NFL could easily achieve their goals and copy Major League Baseball. I think it would be an awesome tradition to start, if we did play the NFL Pro Bowl game each 4th of July holiday.

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President Obama’s Subliminal Message in Speech to Haiti?

Obama Haiti Earthquake

You know every time the President of the United States of America speaks; the chances are pretty high his speech has been written for him. Especially if it is a planned speech about a specific topic or an event going on in the world. There are several people that come together and prepare these speeches, so that every word has meaning and with each word it stays in-line with his presidency and what party he represents.

Barack Obama’s recent speech about Haiti and the message he wanted to send the residents living in Haiti was one of those speeches that you know was written out first and probably had several corrections made before he ever delivered it to us. There was probably a lot of rehearsals and time that President Obama spent proof reading, since the Haiti Earthquakeis the top story all over the world. I doubt the President said one word that wasn’t pre written when he did address the Haiti situation to us and the rest of the world. I am even more confident to say that he didn’t deliver any phrases that wasn’t already carefully planned out to be read.

Now with all of that in mind, I did notice one phrase that didn’t make too much sense in his speech concerning Haiti. If you heard President Obama’s speech regarding the Haiti earthquake and know the phrase I am speaking of; please let me know the meaning behind it. The only thing that I can conclude at this time, is that his speech was a coded message or a submliminal phrase to some organization, group, country, or a source that is unknown to us (the American people).

What Did He Say?

The speech that was made on Wednesday January 13th that was highlighted by the words “you will not be forsaken” to the people of Haiti, I caught a few words that didn’t make sense in that speech. Here is an excerpt from the Obama speech I was able to find from the Barack Obama transcript online concerning his latest speech about Haiti:

I’ve made it clear to each of these leaders that Haiti must be a top priority for their departments and agencies right now. This is one of those moments that calls out for American leadership. For the sake of our citizens who are in Haiti, for the sake of the Haitian people who have suffered so much, and for the sake of our common humanity, we stand in solidarity with our neighbors to the south, knowing that but for the grace of God, there we go.”

Those last 3 words “there we go” did not make sense to me. Could this be a subliminal message in President Obama’s speech? It wouldn’t be the first time a U.S. President has used a speech to send a specific message to someone or a group of people. Perhaps this an attempt at some “negro dialect” that Harry Reid was trying to point out just days earlier. To hear the speech live and the way these words “there we go” came out of his mouth, it was like he made an error in his speech. Maybe these 3 words was an error and that’s why it sounds funny to the ears? After reading this excerpt over and over again, I still can not find the meaning of the words that ended this statement. If you’re a literary buff or know what these 3 words refer to; then please pass it on. I would love to find out more about this part of the speech and try to figure out what President Barack Obama was saying about the destruction in Port-au-Prince and the rest of Haiti that was hit with a 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday at 4:53 PM local time; January 12th.

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SEO Shopping Cart: Finally a Company Turning Their Telescope to the Stars

In business, we can’t ever rely on the competition to provide us with the best new data, trends, and a well detailed view of their company’s plans for the future. In my opinion, I believe you just have to ignore the present and always be looking ahead and planning for the future. Obviously every industry has its own unique brand and style, with the way they conduct business. If your business is Coca Cola, then you have the ingredient to what sells, so the present is where these marketing geniuses would want to be at mostly. The other 99% of companies tying to make a buck or a name for their self, should turn and point their telescopes to the future.

Exactly what future are you referring to Blogger Chris and how do you reckon to see it with telescope?

Well unlike Galileo’s success, when he was lucky enough to turn his telescope to the stars and  actually witnessed a new discovery in the Stars above. He had enough common knowledge to know what this meant and how it would change the World . Now if you would fast forward about 400 years into the future, you have someone else who has made a new discovery. It will change our lives and ways of thinking too; just like the Italian Scientist did with his discovery so long ago. Sometimes you just see something once and immediately you can realize its impact of the future. We know it was true foe Galileo and how his story ends.

Now does the SEO Shopping Cart live up to to the tremendous expectations, which Ascender Cart is placing on this new discovery? Well the folks over there are pretty confident and I wouldn’t want to go against them. By any chance, do you know what the word “Ascender” means? I would have missed the definition for it, but luckily it was posted on the AscenderCart.com website.

Once you do get over there, just look for the BIG BLUE WORDS; which says “Become An Ascender“. I think I do. I mean, I think I want to be an Ascender and find a way to get-in on this ground breaking discovery; which will forever change us. As for the correct and proper meaning to the word:

Ascender (noun): a person or business who increases his or her revenues through achieving top search placements.  ( ‘tm‘) Just noting a small trademark sign, after the fact, Ascender Cart choose to acknowledge credit, and I chose to extend it a little further.

Hey Blogger Chris, you haven’t got nothing to say like always. I came here hoping you had a real discovery story and you were going to be the first media to announce it. I’m sure Ascender Cart thinks they have a big, new discovery. Just like all parents think their children are the greatest or if it’s our idea; then we put more into it, than anybody else does. You know luck does happen. It was probably luck who made this Galileo guy famous. He convinced enough colleagues, family, and friends to think his new discovery was really big, whatever it was; now he has his name on a telescope or something. Wake me up when you come to the real world! Ha Ha Ha 🙂

Oh, I am very sorry. Like always, I forgot basic sense and common knowledge was educational levels over your head. You really proved that, by not knowing who Galileo is, was, or the fact he use to walk this planet, the same as you and I. The reason Galileo knew his discovery was so big, because he had found something, which was not matching up with any of the “smart”, “sophisticated”, “wealthy”, or “intelligent” people back then. Everyone during this time period (just 400 years ago) thought the Sun was revolving around the Planet.

Not one time, from the best information we have from Italy and other global sciences, did anyone ever question the facts. Also, when you are outside, the Earth isn’t moving any. Only thing moving is the Sun and its going around us. Or that was what we all thought. It was an honest mistake, but none the less, with just a small touch, from his hands to the telescope, so he could aim it, Galileo would forever change history and the way we look at the stars today.

Now you can understand Ascender Cart and the feelings they currently have locked up inside, because they know this will be huge and very big for business. In fact, this will be the MUST HAVE shopping cart everyone will need for the 21st century and dare should I say, for the next 400 years? Well I won’t allow myself to go that far into the future, but let me introduce you to the things; which has got them all buzzing about the prospects for today and what the future could, might, or will in some form or another, contain for businesses in this country and around the World Globe and the World Wide Web. Enjoy!

Ascender Cart
YouTube Preview Image

What did you think?

To me it sounds exciting. The S.E.O. (search engine optimization) World is very different form our own. It seems like, while your online today, this World is less modern that our own “real world“of today. Like how we have tons and tons of billboards; which are littering our cities and roads for our children and the younger generations to clean up. Our billboards online; which are affective, because I am in a position to afford some of these paid advertising services. For most people (young or old) you do have to invest in a company or online organization; which can help to move your success or earnings, to a new online level.

I believe it was the Shopping Cart Features that delayed Ascender some, before they began to tell the World what was really going on at AscenderCart.com and the employees; which are well hidden and protected by the management of this fine company. Indeed things had to be done and now they are and business is going to change. Just get your FREE SEO Training Manual, so you can try to keep up with everything that is going on. These features, that each of you will soon have full access to, can focus on 3 main pricing areas. I’m sure there are other fees and prices to pay for other services and help they provide to customers, but these 3 caught my attention the most:

STRATOSPHERE$35 Monthly – This is the lowest price, for you to sign up, get on board, and see up close and personal, the promotional  actions everyone is being guided with and just how inspiring is the actual speaker, for the 35 dollar level per month.

MESOSPHERE$125 Monthly – Well going from your first step or the baby step level, I am already intimidated by the big amount, that a 1st class bunch of people, who are trying to succeed with riches and fortunes in the millions. I have the desire, but how much will I really learn for this fee per month. I do believe this level, is where we start to separate the men from the boys.

EXOSPHERE$250 Monthly – Here is what a marketer works for his whole life. Here is where the dream becomes reality and we see leave the Exosphere and we see you appearing on Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman,  or the best ever in late night entertainment and that is Conan O’Brien; now on the TBS Super-Station in Atlanta, Georgia. This level gives everything would need to succeed. Personally, it wasn’t long ago, I only had my self to take care of. If I could have worked solid or enough each month, to bring home 250 bucks a month, I would be satisfied. Now with a fiance, living in a very troubled-part of the World right now, and my 9 year old daughter; who I can hear talking now, is the best two things in my life and I am willing to step up my game and provide quality insight, original ideas, and things outside of the “box“, we so often see in these highest levels of training.

That pretty much wraps up, everything I had to say to you guys and gals tonight. This is something everyone should check out and I will pass one more little secret to ya. I have already been offered a phone number and a name, for any help or assistance, that I might need during this project. Perhaps if anyone out there requests some digits from Ascender, I might be granted permission to give them out. Stay tuned for more details later……..

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Upgrade to HD radio

The new upgraded local radio stations are competing nationally.

jensenThe new Jensen JiMS 525i is one such radio that allows you to hear HD radio and works with your iPod for a neat little feature called song tagging . Song tagging is simply the ability for you to hear a song, press tag on your radio, and then next time that you synch your iPod or iTouch then this song will show up in your iTunes library ready to be purchased. So no more hearing a song that you wish you had on your iPod and then forgetting the name of song or the artist. Along with song tagging and the crystal clear sound that you will get the time to upgrade your home and car audio is now.This is one small sample of what HD radio will be able to offer to consumers along with the impressive sound that you get.

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When Web Design is Not Enough Online

All marketers online like to cover their bases these days. Leave no stone unturned, because if you do, you may just be missing out on some earnings. A great-looking web design is important to most online marketers. You need that “eye candy” or online attraction, which can lead a visitor to your site, or more importantly keeping them there, once they do show up at your site. However, creating the best looking website in the World, will not help you any, if no one can see it.

This is where a company like the Main Interactive Group can come in handy. They are essentially a group of web designers chicago, who can help to create an attractive website, but also lending a hand in the different ways to market your site or business online. They are a marketing group based in the Chicago area, but do provide their services to a national client base. They help webmasters and business owners online to get a positive marketing campaign going, so others on the World Wide Web can see them. Instead of just having a beautiful website up, it also needs to be user-friendly and a brand that is beginning to gain daily recognition on the Internet.

There are a lot of different services that a marketing group like this can help you with. The team of web design chicago want all of their customers to know, they are a full service group of Internet Marketers. They offer marketing vehicles in all of your different marketing areas. The social marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing are all key phases they like to include with their Internet marketing services. They will also help with any PPC advertising or any other online ads; which may help to generate more business or targeted traffic your way. All of the latest SEO or search engine optimization is used, to help every webmaster get their sites high up in the search engines. All of these marketing tools and tips; while providing each and every customer their expertise and great design skills, they have in their arsenal for making your website look better overall. It doesn’t matter if you live in Chicago or not, if your online business needs a jump start or is just starting for the first time, there is full service marketing groups, you can get in touch with on the World Wide Web!

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Helping stop the spread of the swine flu

The latest reports today from the World Health Organization is that the swine flue has reached a level 5 status meaning that there is human to human passing of the virus. According to latest press releases this is the first time that this threat level has been issued which is only one level short of the Level 6 which is a pandemic outbreak. What is of most concern is that there are swine flu kits and vaccines that are being made in order to help slow down the spread of this virus. Originating in Mexico the flu has now reached over 8 countries and killed at least 160 people and sickened at least 3500. Here in the US some areas that are at higher risk have been shutting down schools and canceling after school sports in order to contain the spread of the virus. There are simple swine flu protection steps that people can take such as covering their cough, washing their hands regularly and staying away from those that you may suspect may be sick or have flu like symptoms.
Health care providers here in the US are on the outlook for potential cases but since the symptoms are like those of common strains of flu’s it is difficult to diagnose and many of the local labs are not yet setup to do the blood tests or swab tests to identify this strain of the virus. This is making control and prevention that much more difficult. Many experts have said that the strain that appears to have entered the US is not as viral and deadly as a few of the strains that have shown up in other countries. Now there are companies that are making available a swine flu kit that contain many of the essential items to help protect those that may have to work in higher risk areas or may have the potential to come in contact with those carrying the flu. There are some of the prescription medications that are approved to treat influenza Type A that are being stockpiled at local levels to help slow or stop the spread of this flu. It is important to see your HCP as soon as possible if you have the symptoms associated with the flu since most of the medications are only effective if given within the first few days.

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Save Money With Conference Calls and Enhance Your Employee Engagement

Companies are discovering that in order to survive in today’s economical climate they must rethink how they do business. This not only pertains to how they go to market, but how they communicate with their employees and customers. Using the power of the internet and broadband capabilities, companies can now communicate through a multi-media platform that will have more impact than a conference call or email can ever have. Perhaps even more than an in person conference as the members will not be exhausted from travel fatigue.
Our organization uses web and phone based conferencing regularly in order to provide product updates, training, and sales updates to everyone in the company. Your teams will have better retention of the material and motivation will be higher after they get off the conference, that can translate into more productivity. Companies like Zip Conferencing can help provide the platform and support to easily and effectively hold a teleconference to help you engage your employees. With their conference bridge technology you can scale a call easily. With both audio and visual presentations your employees will be able to have a clear understanding of what is being asked of them and what they are responsible for.
With the company Zip conferencing, you can effectively launch and implement a live audio conference for much less than it would cost to have people travel to a meeting and for your company to host that meeting. Plus the advantages of having both audio and visual presentations will help keep your participants engaged in what they are learning about. We have all participated in conference calls that in most cases can be sufficiently effective. If more in-depth information and interaction is required, then conferencing through their LotusLive Meeting is the answer. In this way, participants can access the web conference from any computer with a meeting code and password, easily joining others while also watching the same presentation or information display. Zip conferencing offers conference calls unlimited packages for your business. The facilitators can then control the media and participation through simple controls that they will have access too. This type of medium allows tremendous professional sharing of information, files, and applications in order to make the whole web conferencing experience more engaging and in the end have more impact than a simple conference call. You can Click here for more products and speak to someone about your specific needs.

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