People Upset with Wal Mart but Should They Be?

The featured story at Yahoo today paints a dark cloud over the largest retailer in the world. Wal Mart is located all over the world and just about everybody has heard of this store that started back in Arkansas by a man named Sam Walton. It appears that Wal Mart is trashing their unsold clothes and going one step further. In case someone should find these unsold clothes Wal Mart is throwing away, the employees at Wal Mart have strict orders to cut holes and make the clothes unwearable. A lot of people think Wal Mart should be giving these clothes to charities and organizations that desperately need these clothing items. I can understand that point of view, but before you start banning Wal Mart products, you need to consider other things.

Let’s take the fast food industry. All of the popular fast food chains are throwing away food by the pounds at each store nightly. Should these stores be giving these food items to the hungry? It would be nice if they could, but it’s asking a lot of these companies. I know food has a short shelf-life and it would be more understandable with the amount of food these guys are throwing away each day. In Wal Mart’s case, they are throwing away unsold clothes that could be used weeks, months, or even years later. Distributing these unsold clothes to needy organizations and charities would be an extra cost for Wal Mart. Perhaps volunteers could ask for these unsold items and would make routine pick-ups to make sure these clothes went to someone in need. Now if Wal Mart did offer this kind gesture to charities, would they really benefit from it? Maybe in terms of knowing they did the right thing, but let’s say Wal Mart continues to destroy these clothing items. When someone is needing clothes to wear, the charities are forced to go out and buy cheap clothes. Where can you find cheap clothes? Yes, Wal Mart is one of the cheapest clothing retailers out there and I’m sure a lot of organizations that work with charities do their shopping at Wal Mart.

People want Wal Mart to donate their unsold clothes, but this would cost Wal Mart money in the long term. It would eventually end up in a cash donation and now we’re criticizing Wal Mart for not giving money to charities. I think a few people are blowing this story out of proportion and Wal Mart is being unfairly targeted due to their size and popularity. Yes, it would be great if Wal Mart would do something with these unsold clothing items, but if they choose to destroy them, then it really isn’t none of our business. Perhaps Wal Mart could team up with 3rd world nations and get these clothes to places where there isn’t any Wal Mart stores. This process would still need money and transportation to get these unsold clothes to the countries in the greatest need.

If you want to make the world a better place, then stop pointing the finger and do something yourself. Spreading these facts about Wal Mart is not a productive way to go about it and there are better things we can all do to help the less fortunate people in this world. Let’s face it, Wal Mart is only a small fraction of companies not donating their excess goods to charities. I would like to see local organizations team up with fast food restaurants and collect their scraps at night and deliver these unsold food items to the poor and hungry. However, a charity wanting to feed the hungry is most likely to buy from a fast food restaurant, since the food items are normally cheap at these places. Let’s applaud the fast food chains that participate in these types of donations, but let’s not condemn the fast food chains that elect to not donate.

I understand how Wal Mart’s extra goods could do so much for this nation and other nations around the world. If they haven’t figured out a system to help these folks, let’s not blame the Wal Marts of the world for people not having descent clothes to wear. It’s not like Sam Walton set out to neglect the poor people of the world and let’s keep that in mind before we starting pointing fingers again.

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Oregon No Match for Auburn

Finally, we get to see the best team the Pac 10 has to offer, against the best team the SEC college football conference has to offer. This year’s BCS Championship Game will feature two undefeated teams. One from the west coast and the other on the east coast. In this epic East vs West match up, we get to see which football conference is better and how wide the gap really is in college football.

Auburn has had a perfect season before. It’s actually been a few years ago, but for everyone in South Alabama and in the South, it seems like only yesterday. It was the year we saw a talented QB named Vince Young lead a group of Texas football players to the championship prize, over a over-hyped USC Trojan football team. Most experts thought USC would win this game. After all, they had destroyed all competition in the Pac10 that year, so no reason to believe a Texas team could beat them. While this game featured two deserving teams, since both had not been beaten that year, many thought we had the best two college football teams on stage that night. Not true! Auburn fans and southern fans in general, knew very well what happened that year and why the undefeated Auburn Tigers were not allowed to play in this big championship game.

It mostly breaks down to politics. If you understand how politics and college football work together, then you can imagine which teams might get the nod. From a political view, you can think of California, Texas, and Alabama in only one way. Just by asking the question, “what state doesn’t fit?”. No way does Alabama carry the same political powers in Washington, D.C. or any other part of the nation, as the states of Texas and California does. No one argues this point and even a Alabama politician, who might sit high in his or her own home state, knows on the national stage they are small potatoes.

The problem is, college football and politics shouldn’t mix. The NCAA is well-known for keeping money out of college football, when it comes to the players getting or receiving money or any other forms of compensation. How could the NCAA let money and politics, keep an undefeated Auburn Tigers team out of the championship game that year? What year was it? Well it was the 2005 year and the NCAA actually allowed USC (the defending national champs) to play against Vince Young (best college football player in 05′) and the Texas Longhorns in the National Championship Game. It was an upset by most college football experts; when the Longhorns won a close game against the Southern California team. This was a black-eye for the SEC, the SEC teams, fans, coaches, and everyone associated with college football in the South.

The 2004 Auburn team (eligible for the 2005 championship), would later place players like Jason Campbell, Carnell “Cadillac” Williams, and Cartersville, Georgia’s own Ronnie Brown in the first round of the NFL draft. Perhaps you can remember Jason Campbell being a starting QB for the Washington Redskins? Or the NFL Florida franchises of Tampa Bay and Miami having a starting running back by the name of Carnell Williams or Ronnie Brown? This explosive 3 headed monster, which proved they were all 3 starting material at the next level, was all on the same college football team! What group of college players could have really stopped this force? We will never know, because this super team was not allowed to participate in the big game.

Now after this disrespect for the SEC, the NCAA and their bias voters could not keep the SEC from playing in another big title game, in the years that followed. In 2006, we saw the Florida Gators taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes. The final score was 41 to 14 and really the game was not even this close, if you can believe that. While Florida brought some pride back to the southern conference of college football with this big win, the SEC still not get respect. In 2007, we luckily got to see a two loss team LSU, participate in the big game against Ohio State again. And once again, many though Ohio State would be too much for a southern team, the LSU Tigers would win the title by a 38 to 24 score. The combined margin for these two years was the SEC 79 and Ohio State 38. In two national appearance, the Buckeyes could only get 38 points in two games and the SEC team scored 38 points or more in each contest. The margin of talent is not even close, when it comes to the SEC Teams compared to the other over hyped teams from the Midwest and west coast in college football.

The next two years would see the Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide winning two more championships for the SEC; while in each contest against Texas and Oklahoma, the final score was always a double digit win. So if you’re keeping score at home, we see a 3 point win by Texas in 2005, over a team that shouldn’t have been in the National Title game. While the SEC teams have won by double digits in the last 4 years.

Now comes the 5th year and many think a one loss Auburn team would have not been allowed to play against Oregon in the Championship game. This is true and the Tigers did have to win their SEC title game, so they could play in the BCS Championship game. Not only does Auburn finally get their chance on the big stage, but they get to do it against the USC division led Pac 10 division. All of the rich politics and even richer sponsors and boosters of the USC Trojan football program, has allowed them to propel one of their own to the big stage on January 10th, 2011. It’s now time for the Pac 10 to prove they belong. Let’s see how good a undefeated Pac 10 team really is; when they have to play a team from the South.

Oregon winning this game by a 28 to 27 score will be huge for this college football program and all the voters who keep the Pac 10 teams in the AP Top 25 poll each week. If Auburn wins by single digits in January, it will be a disgrace to the whole South. Not only do we expect Auburn to win this game for our region of college football, but we expect them to show-up the weak Pac 10. Auburn must score over 40 points and they must hold the top offensive team in the Country to under 20 points. A win by 20+ points and the past 4 national titles the SEC has already won, will allow the South to rise again.

No one on TV or in the media should even pose the question, who will win this game. Why? Because this is no competition for Auburn. They met their competition each week, by playing against other SEC teams. The Oregon Ducks played against super high school teams and had no problems with running up the score against their lesser opponents. Now the tables turn and the Auburn Tigers get their shot to play a super high school team, in the form of the Oregon Ducks. No contest on January 10th and Auburn will decisively win this game and give a clear-cut picture to the Nation, on just how corrupted the college football system is to the Pac 10 and the USC Trojans.

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Internet Phones

Since the cell phone revolution, which started about 18 years ago, I have only owned one cell phone. I know this puts me in the minority. Most people have had at least 3 or 4 cell phones in their lifetime. And believe it or not, they are some people who still haven’t bought their first cell phone yet.

Here is one of the newest phones on the market today and I really like this Internet phone. It has a lot of features that I don’t fully understand yet. I do like the way it looks and the fact you can access the Net from it. At least I hope you can. It has Windows on this cell phone, so I would assume this is an Internet phone. Since my only cell phone was one of the older ones, I get lost with a lot of the newer features and terms for cell phones.

For instance, I don’t know what a “smart phone” is, but this phone sure does look smart to me. Knowing it has the Windows program and the HD7 in the title for this new phone, it meets my criteria for calling it a smart phone. It may actually be a totally different kind of phone. It could be better than a smart phone or not as good as a smart phone. However, it may just be a normal smart phone and perhaps lots of new phones fit into the smart phone category. I do think this is a phone that would be perfect for me. I like the size and the design of this new cell phone. I hope it is an Internet phone, because being an active online marketer, I need a cell phone with World Wide Web capabilities. By any chance, do you know what kind of phone this is (in the picture)?

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Mark Richt Clueless in Athens, Georgia

Bulldogs Coach Mark Richt

The Georgia Bulldogs have one of the most talented teams in the country right now. Who says? Well, anyone who has watched this program over the past few years would know. Every year, the best of the best come to Athens to play their college football. And year after year, Mr. Richt messes these guys up more and more. He has had the talent for years and just doesn’t understand how to win football games in the SEC. Sure he has won a lot of games for the Bulldog Nation, but what coach wouldn’t, with all of this talent?

I thought it was clear, this guy was out-matched, before his last big contract. After he put the old “John Hancock” on that paper, I knew things would only get worse. To understand why Richt is a poor football coach, you have to watch his teams play. They play a brand of football, that is made for superstars. What I mean by that, is that it would take an elite class of super athletes to win with his current football game plan. He plays a very nervous role as head coach. He has picked a few games to play “brave“, but when his teams get in the biggest battles, he’s going to play scared football. He will force another team to beat his team, but he’s not going to go out and take any games. He lets the guys kinda play for the first 20 minutes, but after that 10, 14, or 20 point lead is on the scoreboard, here comes “Richt Ball” for ya. He will insist on running the ball, start making the QB take his time and hiking the ball with 5 seconds or less on the play clock. Just a lot of little things, to make it as difficult as possible for the other team to catch them. He will never keep the attack up and when a game from box to wire. For years, his teams build leads, he starts smiling on the sidelines and joking with his players, and before you know it, the 4th quarter becomes a fight to just hold on. This has been the style of ball for a long time now and its time we get a real coach in Athens, Georgia.

It gets old, game after game, watching these guys try to hold on to games, in which they could blow out teams. He just plays a scared-tactic of football. He doesn’t let his players go out and play or allow them to make plays for his ball club. The thing he should be working on in practice is game management at the end of the 4th quarter. He has no idea on how to work the clock at the end of games. If the Bulldogs are down and needing 2 scores late. You can sure bet he will mismanage the time or the football game (if not both). When he just has to run out the clock, he can’t do math that well. Not long ago, we had a game in hand, but he set up the victory formation way too soon. Where the quarterback just goes back and takes a quick knee. We could have run the whole clock out with hand-offs and creative play-calling, but he doesn’t understand how the last minutes and seconds work on the clock. Georgia had to punt the ball back to the other team and given a big play, the Bulldogs would have lost.

His bad play-calling is not just this year. He’s not been on the hot seat for the last 1 or 2 years in my book. He’s not been a good coach ever and he got saved a lot of Saturdays, by a few talented running backs. Let’s face it, the number 1 recruiting class in the whole college football system is playing at Athens this year and he’s not done anything to improve their game. Keep in mind, he had Stafford, A.J. Green, and Knowshon Moreno on the same roster and couldn’t win a college championship. Obviously that is not all his fault, since the rich boosters at USC Trojan University has corrupted football for a long time now. The sports network ESPN goes a long way in this USC Trojan cover up, in the college game. But let’s face it, Mark Richt has had the talent to win and he can’t get it done. Please remove him from the coaching position now. He should have never been given his last contract and the Athletic Department needs to stand up and take some accountability for their poor actions. The longer you leave Richt in Georgia, the longer the red and black nation will have to wait for a true college championship. Mark Richt has been done in college football for a long time now and its time we fix it!

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The Gladiators Way to Market Online

GladiatorHits - Traffic That Defies The Competition

Control your own destiny when it comes to the way you market your business, website, or online money making programs. Choosing effective advertising platforms is what separates the big boys from the bigger boys. One of the exchanges I like to use each day is Gladiator Hits. This has proven to be a very good traffic exchange for my online promotions. They offer a generous security questions page that awards surfers 10 bonus credits for answering correctly. You also get other chances to rack in bonus credits while you surf at Gladiator Hits.

For those people that are currently promoting Clixsense or LinkGrand online, can use Gladiator Hits to pick up referrals for those two popular online programs. I have been able to build up my downlines at both places and Gladiator Hits has been a big help. I know there are some more popular programs online that Internet users like to promote daily and they need to add these websites to their Gladiator Hits account.

It’s totally free to join Gladiator Hits. As a free member you can have 5 websites on your account. I currently have all 5 of my spaces in use, so I am promoting the maximum number of sites allowed there. If you don’t have 5 websites to add, you can promote the same URL multiple times and this will help to get your referral pages and websites seen more often by the members of Gladiator Hits. I’m sure most online marketers are already members of other traffic exchanges. It is a good idea to spread yourself out online, but make sure you’re not spreading yourself to thin in certain areas. Gladiator Hits is one of those places that you want to surf at daily or at least 5 times a week, so you’re getting plenty of views from their huge member base.

You know how hard it is to promote and find referrals for those programs that cost money to join, right? Well I am currently promoting one of the most popular matrix programs online today. It costs $11 to join and I have had a lot of luck with getting paid members to join my 4×1 Fortune Matrix at Gladiator Hits. So the members at Gladiator Hits are willing to spend money on programs they think are worth spending money on. Most already know about the Fortune Matrix and how easy it is to make money with that online program, but other programs that cost money can do well at Gladiator Hits too.

If you’re currently a member at Gladiator Hits, please share your experiences with them. I think most people would have positive things to say. If you surf an hour a day and will spend at least 5 days a week there, I think within 1 month you will see a lot of positive results and will want to surf more than 1 hour a day there. This is one of the top 10 traffic exchanges online today for getting good small business advertising results. Give them a try if you haven’t already and keep me posted on how well Gladiator Hits is working with your online promotions.

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Trivia Blog

Have you ever been with friends that seem to know a lot about nothing. We just came across this new blog that will provide a Trivia Blog for all They have one of their blogs that talk about “Weird Jobs” and some of the items are quite interesting. Such as , do you know what a Vermiculturist does?: Answer: worm farmer.

Another great post is on inventions throughout history. This was of interest, becuase my family just went downtown Philly, and took the tour of Benjamin Franklin once lived, and some of his great inventions. They also talk about Fact of shaving, which they state that an average shave will trim away between 20K- 25K hairs? they must be referring to the Wolf man, because that seems like a lot of hair. If that were the case, there would be millions of sinks everyday clogged with hair. Yikes!

I would recommend this to some of friends to help them with some of their trivia knowledge. Best of Luck!

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Waiting on Summer Fun

It sure will be nice when the summer months finally get here. It’s taking forever to get rid of these cold and wet days we are currently having now. Many are probably tired of their video games by now and want to go outdoors for some summer time fun.

I will be happy when the white bass starting running again in the river. They are fun and easy to catch. I also plan to do another water activity this year. I want to dig around as many creeks as I can find and look for some gold. The price of gold is over 1,000 dollars an ounce right now. I can think of another summer job that will pay better than that this year. It wouldn’t take much gold to add up to an ounce, since gold is so heavy.

I know the kids are looking forward to getting out of school this year. I’m sure they will be looking for some summer fun and games to get into. The wait shouldn’t be that much longer. We just have moved our clocks ahead 1 hour. It doesn’t get dark until a little after 8 p.m. in the evening now. That’s a good sign that spring is around the corner and the fun summer days are coming!

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Consumers Shopping for the Lowest Insurance Prices

No one wants to overpay for anything. Especially these days with money so tight. The one thing we certainly want at the best value, is the various insurance plans we own. I know some people will spend 5 minutes searching for the best insurance quotes and will choose a plan that day. While others will spend a month or more and go through great lengths, to see the insurance plan they buy, offers the most coverage and comes with the best possible price. How much time would you say you spend on finding the best insurance rates and insurance coverages for you and your family? I know I am guilty of just wanting to get the process over with and I probably should start spending a little extra time, where I make sure I have a solid insurance plan with the cheapest prices possible. I will take cheap insurance over coverage, but that could come back to bite me one day (knock on wood).

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Take control of your skin

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition, that governs the balance between yin and yang elements and the flow of energy (chi). If the energy flow is stopped or stagnant, this means that harmony is hard to achieve. Feng Shui can be applied to all aspects of our lives, and in the West is particularly used when dealing with the furnishing of our houses and offices. Although on the face of it Feng Shui appears simple, it is in fact a very involved philosophical system, that takes many years to study. Luckily there are many people who have written some excellent books on the subject which enables us to apply the basic principles of Feng Shui in our daily lives.
health_skinIt is thought that through a healthy mind your body will follow allowing for better circulation which can help improve your skin. Getting some extra help with your skin can be a good idea. Our skin is very important to us and it helps us maintain a healthy life and controls our looks. So looking for the best skin care products (dead sea salt wholesale supplies) may be a great solution to bring that spa type feeling into the comfort of your own home.

Taking care of your skin just isn’t something for women either. Men can stay looking younger if they just take care of their skin properly. Finding the best skin care products is just part of the battle and controlling our time in the sun is important. The sun can do so much damage on our skin and some people don’t even realize what they are doing to their self. If you know you’re going to be spending time in the sun, then be sure to have a good sun blocker with a high SPF. I have fair skin, so I make sure I don’t use anything below a SPF 40. Start looking at all the skin care products that are on the market today and see which ones is best for you!

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