Forever Concepts – Next Generation in Traffic Online

An online friend of mine had a good piece of advice about a new traffic exchange that will be coming soon. Stefan Berg would like to share with everyone a pre launch to an exciting traffic exchange; that will be coming online in the near future. You can sign up now and get notified before the general public and be the first one through the doors at Forever Concepts. This new traffic exchange promises to explore and tap-in to new areas that other traffic exchanges have never keyed in on in the past. They will also be providing a great JV (Joint Venture) Partnership that should be really good at this new generation of traffic, that is being powered by Forever Concepts.

Go watch this video and see all the other great things Forever Concepts plans to do.

Stefan Berg - Online Marketing Coach

Stefan Berg is someone that provides a wealth of online knowledge in Marketing, Coaching, & Life. He has an abundance of traffic sources that he likes to share with everyone online that will take the time to sit down, talk, and listen to what he’s got to say.

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Safest Building Structures These Days

If you were going to build a new building for your small business, what type of materials would you use? Do you like the classic look of bricks? Or do you prefer a more sturdy structure and would take a blueprint from the steel buildings in your area of town? I would like for my new business to stick out. It’s hard to do this, when you lease a space in a strip mall. I would prefer to have a free-standing building. Get away from the strip malls and try to have a building with my own parking lot. A lot would depend on your business. I guess some would flourish in the strip mall settings. I just know for me and my own preferences, that a brick or steel building would be the best thing for me. I need to have my own parking lot and I don’t need other stores or restaurants near by. If you build the right kind of small business, then the consumers out there will find you. It doesn’t matter if you are next to a popular fast food chain or located next to a super store. If you have good service and a product the community wants or needs; then location is not a big deal. The whole idea of geography being important, comes from the businesses that are not original or unique in the area. At least this is the way I look at it. I do hope I get the chance some day, to build my own business, in the hometown I am living at now. I really do believe, the city of Canton and all of North Georgia could benefit, from my unique ideas for a new business.

Making sure the building stands for a really long time is important. Since I live in an area that receives hard rains, heavy winds, and the occasional twister or two, I do want a super sturdy structure. To me, it would seem like steel is the obvious choice. Bricks or cement blocks are sturdy too, but after a tornado comes through, there always seems to be a lot of bricks and blocks laying around. Even a steel building is not guaranteed to stay intact, if a big F3 or F4 size tornado comes ripping through. I believe going underground is the only real way, to insure damage control, if a tornado does decide to come your way. What do you think? What materials would you use, to build a structure that would be sturdy and stand for a really long time?

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Targeting Your Marketing Efforts with Adwords Online

You may be promoting a service or product online; which people all over the World can’t benefit from. If you are not using some form of search retargeting ads, you may be wasting a lot of your online advertising budget. Why promote to people in places that can’t join, buy, or use what you’re promoting on the World Wide Web? If you spend a little time looking for where your best customer targets are coming from, you can use certain advertising platforms online, to key-in on these Internet users. Marketing on the Net is easy, once you discover who your biggest audience is and then placing ads in front these folks only.

An adwords management company would be a good place to start, for trying to target your customers online. Internet marketers who search for their main customer base; then work along side a company who specializes in target ads, can make a big difference. It’s a smarter way to spend your advertising dollars online. I never use to focus on targeting my various programs I promote online. Once I started to test some of these targeted ads out, I saw an immediate increase with my numbers. The biggest change came with my conversion rates. I was in the 2 or 3 percent rate for conversions; while not targeting any age groups or geographic regions of the World. I made some slight adjustments with the age range and places on the map, where I wanted my online ads to show up. My conversion rates soared into the double digit range! You can probably raise your numbers too, if you start applying an adwords management campaign. Give it a try and come back here and let me know if your numbers did improve. If they didn’t, you only have to make a slight adjustment to the people and places you’re targeting.

This is a growing trend online. Several companies now offer some form of targeting service to their clients. I believe as we move forward with marketing various things online, our need for targeting ads will only increase. It does cut a lot of the “guess work” out and that is what I enjoy the most with targeting my marketing efforts online.

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Braves Heyward Running Down NL Outfielders in Votes

It appears the National League will have Jason Heyward of the Atlanta Braves in their starting outfield for the 2010 All Star Game. This year’s All Star Game will be in Anaheim and baseball fans are eager to see Jason play, as they keep piling on the votes for him in the All Star voting.

You can help Jason Heyward go to the All Star Game and represent the National League in the outfield, by placing a vote for him at It is free to place your votes for your favorite National and American League baseball players. You can select up to 3 outfielders for each league. Just place a mark by Jason Heyward Atl on your All Star ballots, if you would like to see this 20 year-old rookie perform in the mid-summer classic July 13th in Anaheim, California.

Andre Ethier of the Dodgers and Ryan Braun of the Brewers are the other two NL outfielders leading the way in votes. You can help Jason the most, by NOT voting for Ethier or Braun. Select Jason Heyward on your National League ballot and then pick any other 2 NL outfielders you want, as long as you don’t pick Ryan Braun or Andre Ethier. By not selecting any Dodger or Brewer outfielders, you will increase the chances of seeing this rookie sensation Jason Heyward perform.

Many have heard by now the Nationals star pitcher Stephen Strasburg or the Florida Marlins rookie sensation Mike Stanton. Both of these rookies have recently been called up and are now making positive strides in the Majors. Their talents fail to compare to what Jason Heyward brings to the game of baseball each night in Atlanta and for the National League. He was too good to keep in the minors and made the team from the Spring Training games in Florida. If you want to see one of the best rookies ever and you can watch him July 13th in the All Star Game, just place a vote for Jason Heyward on your Allstar Ballots. You won’t regret your vote and he will put on a show in the All Star Game and hopefully we will get to see hin swinging in the Century 21 Home Run Derby in Anaheim. The HR Derby will take place on the Monday night, before the Tuesday night All Star Game. The best sluggers from the National and American League will each have 3 or 4 guys representing them in the Homerun Derby.

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Super Bowl Commercials Coming Soon

It’s not too much longer until the Super Bowl comes and we get to see the 2 best NFL teams from the 2009 season. It’s also a time advertisers look forward to as they shell out big bucks for those 30 minute ads. I like to watch the Super Bowl to just see the creative commercials that get done during timeouts and possession changes. The Super Bowl is the most watched television event that comes on, so it is the largest audience an advertiser could ever have. I wish there was a contest that would allow an advertiser or an online marketer like me to win a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl. I would probably advertise my online programs and give a lot of website links during my 30 seconds of fame. I would certainly take full advantage of it and try to do something that would set me up nice financially. I’m not sure if I could retire with any of my current ideas or how I would use my 30 seconds, but it would certainly make the current year a better one!

If you were given the chance to advertise or promote a message during the Super Bowl, what would you do? I guess some would take their 30 seconds to talk about the war or politics. While some would try to fund some charity or worthy cause. I don’t think I could pass up an opportunity like this and I would have to get greedy with it. A chance to promote something to people all over the world. I kinda do that online now, but I will never have the attention that I would if I had my own 30 second Super Bowl ad on TV.

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My Sleep Back to Normal

I was beginning to think I would never get my sleep pattern back right. I was staying up all night and sleeping during the day. This is a bad pattern to get in, unless you have a 3rd shift job at night. I use to work these 3rd shift jobs and I think it affects my sleeping patterns now. I have tried all of the sleep tips and my mattresses are very comfy. I do tend to eat large meals at night. Plus I have my sodas; which are loaded down with caffeine. I still do a few things wrong, but this shouldn’t be affecting my sleeping patterns so much. I want to be like everyone else and sleep at night and be awake during the daytime hours. As of right now, I pretty much have that. I wake up early, sometimes before 5 a.m. and I do find myself taking afternoon naps. Even with a nap, I normally can still fall asleep before midnight. Once I pass the midnight point at night. It usually means I will be up another 3 or 4 hours. So for me, getting to sleep before the midnight hour is important. If I want to stay awake during the day, like most people do.

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Mystery Picture – Can You Guess the Pic?

What is this picture of? Do you know?

I didn’t instantly recognize this picture when I first saw it. I looked it over several times and could not figure it out. It is one of the photos that is up for a photo contest at National Geographic. There is a lot of good entries and they will be announcing a winner soon. If you want to see some awesome online pictures, from users who have taken some amazing photos, you will have to check out some of the picture entries for this Nat Geo photo contest.

There was two pictures I really liked. One was the picture taken in New York during an electrical storm. There was a small island off the coast of NY; which had a building with a steeple or some type of slender structure that rose high into the sky from a building. An amazing piece of photography captured a huge lightning bolt as the tip of Mother Nature was touch the tip of a man-made structure on Earth. We get the pleasure of seeing this lightning bolt frozen in time, as the picture was perfectly taken. I’m sure in real life, the lightning strike was just a big flash that lasted 1 second or less. It was a very nice picture for the Nat Geo contest.

Have you figured out the picture at the top of this blog post yet? Well I will tell you what it is, but let me tell you about the top National Geographic picture I saw online for this photography contest. It was another weather-related photo, but I don’t think it showcased any lightning. What it did have was awesome and very scary-looking too. It was a huge tornado that got captured on film somewhere in the Midwest. It did tell which state this tornado came from, but I can’t remember which state it was. This has to be one of the closest tornadoes ever photographed. You could see everything and I mean everything! The hard rain and hail could clearly be seen at the bottom of the funnel that was not quite touching the ground. The haze of heavy rains coming from the center of the tornado was touching the Earth. It was a massive tornado in size and its menacing dark look reached all the way up to the heavens while flowering-out over a wide section of the sky. It was not something you would ever want to see in real life. The person who took this picture had enough bravery for an entire combat platoon for the military. I really believe this photo will win the Nat Geo Picture Contest, since it was so amazing to see and what the photographer had to do to get this special picture.

The picture in my blog post above is also up for the National Geographic contest. While I was not able to figure out what this was a picture of, I had to read some of the information; which was provided with it. I was just curious to see if others had the same problem as me? Did you figure out what this picture was about? Well if you look real close, you can see the train tracks at the bottom of the picture. The woman in the photo is riding between two railroad cars, as this train is moving down the tracks. It is not visible in the photograph, but the woman was apparently carrying her luggage under her shirt. It doesn’t look like a good way to travel, but sometimes people just have to do things they don’t want to do, in order to survive. I’m sure she has a very sad story she could tell. I know when we are young, we never thing that could be us there one day. We all need a little luck and help in life, or this could easily be anyone of us, in this sad and dangerous-looking pic above.

Now be sure to reply back and let me know if you figured out the mystery picture. I really wanted to see if I was the only one having trouble. Or if this is just a hard picture to understand. If you did figure it out on your own, without cheating. Please estimate about how long it took you to understand what was going on in the photo, before you finally saw the correct answer.

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Places That You Use Coupons the Most

Is there one place above all others, where you are most likely to use a coupon; while making a purchase? I always like to look through the coupons we get in the mail and see all the great deals going on. Most of the time, I don’t ever go to half of those places. I will still put away the coupons though, just in case I do need to go to a specific place of business. I’m not sure what the most common coupons are, but I do know which ones I use the most. There is no doubt, I use more coupons on restaurant food; than everything else combined. I have saved a lot of money using coupons in restaurants. I don’t get too many discounts for the fine restaurants. I normally drive through a drive-thru and pick up my lunch or dinner. If I have any coupons, I will be sure to tell them that first, before I place my order.

I’m sure for some folks, they will take 10 to 20 different coupons with them to the grocery store. Where these grocery coupons can add up for big savings. I just hate to be the customer who is slowing down the line and I won’t bring my coupons to the grocery store. I wouldn’t mind 1 or 2 coupons, but to bring 15 or 20 coupons, like some shoppers do, will usually take a little time to check them out. I know these grocery store coupon shoppers, are using the majority of their coupons, at the supermarket. For me, it isn’t even close, to where I use the most coupons at. I take most of my paper discounts to the fast food restaurants and save a little money that way. Where is the place you go most often to get rid of coupons and try to save some money?

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Systems Set Up for Acne Treatments

Have you or someone you knew ever suffered from acne before? It can be a tough problem to get rid of. Luckily today, there are a lot more products on the marketplace; than when I was in high school and having to deal with acne. The acne issues I was forced to deal with was minor. It didn’t seem minor to me at the time. All kids want to look their best and the slightest signs of acne or a few pimples and it can really affect their self-confidence levels. I was just curious to know, if anyone was currently in a acne treatment system now? Please feel free to give details about your acne problems. How long ago did it start? Has your acne gotten better or worse? Did you try more than 1 store-bought product for your system to control acne? What about homemade remedies? There are some homemade remedies you can find online, for treating acne. I know acne seemed like the end of the World, when I was a kid suffering from it. Now I believe the adults have a harder time dealing with it; than the high school kids do.

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Is Kobe Bryant Better Than Michael Jordan?

I know most people believe Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. I agreed with that and when you looked back on his career and the 6 NBA championships he won, it was clear who the best was. Since then, we have been able to see the skills and talents of Kobe Bryant. This kid had no college or North Carolina Tar Heel training when he was young. Kobe had no college level athletes to develop his game around. He came straight from the 12th grade to the NBA hardcourt; which players can’t do anymore. He didn’t play much right away, but when he got his chances to perform, he didn’t disappoint the Hollywood Stars out in L.A..

Based on the career numbers and the high marks Kobe reached at such a young age. I believe he is a better all around basketball player than MJ. I know many will disagree, but just look at the numbers. Things like NBA Championships, Scoring Championships, Sprite NBA Slam Dunk Winners, and All Star MVP Awards; these were things Kobe was winning or taking home at a much younger age than Jordan. He got more success and scored more points per game in his early 20’s and Michael Jordan did not get these things until much later. Seeing Kobe performing at a higher level and at a younger age, I will give Kobe the nod as to being the best basketball player ever. He also continue to work hard and never had any let downs in his later years in the NBA. He is still performing at a very high level today and he may just beat Jordan at the other end of the age range too.

I do think MJ had the most theatrical career for an NBA player. His games were like the TV movie of the week. He was the hero in his own stories many times. He did win 6 championships and did it in great fashion. He also had his “Robin” if we say Jordan was Batman. The first retirement for Michael Jordan and after he won his first 3 NBA championships for the Chicago Bulls, we saw Scottie Pippen emerge a year later. That season after Jordan retired (1st retirement), Scottie Pippen was no doubt the best player in the NBA that year. He could do no wrong and he was like a robot out there. He had such a great game and it was really amazing to see. M.J. could not win with any other combinations and Pippen was his right hand man. Kobe Bryant has took many different “Robins” over his Batman career and proved he could win with others. Perhaps Jordan could have did it too, but we all know for a fact, that Kobe Bryant can win with different pieces by his side.

Also, back in the day, I will never forget the Kobe and Scottie Pippen match up. Like I was saying, Pippen was a superstar in his own world and he didn’t need anyone for that. In a two game series I will never forget, it was Kobe against Michael Jordan’s Robin. In the first game between the Lakers and Trail Blazers, we saw Kobe Bryant totally shut down Scottie Pippen and he didn’t score any field goals for the entire game. Yes, when Scottie was in Portland, he was a bit older and his skills was on the way down. However, at the time, it was consider a big deal and Scottie Pippen said it was more of a fluke than a tremendous defensive effort by Bryant.

So Scottie wasn’t really wanting to give Kobe any credit, for his 0 FG performance. It was about a week or 10 days later and the two would match up again. Both guys saw this as an opportunity to make a statement. Scottie Pippen came out in the 2nd game and was much more aggressive on the offensive side of things. He was trying really hard to score and prove he could score on Kobe Bryant. However, it didn’t turn out well for Pippen on this night either. Once again, Kobe totally shut down Scottie Pippen and for the first 3 quarters, he didn’t have any shots from the field over Kobe. Pippen did manage a free throw or 2 from the line, when the referees called Kobe for a couple of fouls. But for the most part, it was back to back shut downs for Pippen and this woke the NBA up. Basketball fans then could see, that Kobe was just as good as a defender, as he was at scoring the rock.

No doubt Michael Jordan is a truly great athlete that got all the breaks and had tons of luck too. He had a super career and he worked very hard to achieve his talent and skill level on the basketball court. Let’s just be a little careful when we say “the greatest NBA player ever“, because if we really break it down, the man wearing #24 or #8 in Los Angeles with the purple and gold colors for the Los Angles Lakers, he might just be an eyelash better. In fact, I will go on record now and with complete confidence, that Kobe Bryant was and is a better basketball player than Michael Jordan is or ever was in the National Basketball Association. I don’t see anyone else in the NBA right now, who could over take Kobe’s number 1 spot, but perhaps one day, some talented kid from Atlanta, Georgia will be the top baller of them all. To Be Continued…

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