The View and President Obama Show Off Their Own Bullying Tactics

The View is a show with 4 or 5 women, who talk about the main topics and current events going on in our world today. The Show is controversial sometimes, but sometimes misses it all together and I wondered why? I was wondering if the absence of a male component to the daytime TV hit, is leaving the audience failing to get the full scope of what’s being said? For instance, let’s talk about a recent episode the View done about bullying and they ripped this story right from the headlines; when this was going on.

The story featured a young man who was attacked by a gang of other children. Nadin was the young 13 year-old boy who was attacked and all of his attackers were under the age of 17 years old. There were 6 kids who got arrested on the Monday this story first happened and the next day at school, a 7th student was arrested for bullying. All 7 students were between the ages of 13 and 17 years old; which basically makes them all kids too, since most consider 18 years of age, the adult line in America.

Now the View is a show that covers the headlines, so they were well within the rights to air this bullying story. Often the panel of women will leave their opinions attached to a headline story and we saw this happened in this case. But instead of leaving it at that, they went an extra step forward and made each football player change their personal plans, so they could appear on the show and speak about bullying; while showing support for the young Nadin who was violently attacked by 7 other kids. We know this was the View’s idea, since Whoopi mentioned each of the Eagles football players, chose to change their plans, once they heard what the The View as doing and who Nadin’s favorite NFL team and player was. It was great this all got done for Nadin on this special Thursday for him; when just 3 days earlier on Monday, his school classmates were hanging him up on a seven foot high fence, from his jacket.

But did The View becomes bullies their self? I hate bullying as much as the next person, but if we are not careful, we can become the bullies too. Especially when the people guilty in this story are all children too. Now we don’t really know what happened to Nadin, before these other 7 kids decided to gang up on him. In Nadin’s words, he believed his mom being from Africa and still maintains the accent of the African language, is what caused other students, who were African American students, to gang up on Nadin and punish him with their own style of justice. Now if the students in this case would have been white, then we would have seen this story take on a much higher level of order in this country. Instead of a bullying case, we would be talking about a hate crime.

Before I over judge the kids in this story who appeared to be on the wrong end in many American’s minds, we should reserve judgment some, to make sure Nadin wasn’t bullying anyone either. Because if you didn’t know his story on Monday, you could just watch The View on Thursday and see what they were doing, was bullying too. They all ganged up on a group of kids, who probably doesn’t deserve this much punishment. I believe they were wrong and should be punished, but when you use your power to perform your own style of justice, like the people on the View and the people who put that show together, should have realized at some point, they are being a bully their self. Bullies exist, because they don’t often see how bad their actions really are or how harmful it can be. I believe The View was totally too one-sided in this story and didn’t realize how to control their power and became bullies their self.

This is why it is so dangerous to give people power. Many don’t know how to use it properly and The View went way too far, once they got the Philadelphia Eagles football team and Desean Jackson involved. Just recently, we saw another abuse of power by our own President of the United States. His orders to go bomb the country of Libya with the French and British armies, was something he had the right to do. It was within his power to make this military move and give the go-ahead to bomb the government of Libya and strategic military targets. I believe this is why President Obama mainly did this action, because he knew he had the right and no one could stop him. People with power who abuse it, often abuse it, because they did have the right to do it. The people who deserve the most power in the World today, are the ones who know they have the power to do something, but choose not to do it, and hold back from using their powers. The View and President Barack Obama are both guilty, for using their powers and in both situations their was better ways to handle both circumstances.

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Open Web Application

A nice blog that we just became aware of called Zardoz News and Satire is very entertaining and insightful. You can go there to get your fill on the latest news with a little satire built in. This is what so great about open web applications and blogs. They give anyone with an internet connection and the ability to write a chance to express themselves and provide useful content to the web. This blog in particular has a few different elements which make it a good resource. They have an open forum, a download area, and a mall. The mall idea is great addition to any blog with regular readers and provides another source of revenue to help support the hosting and design.

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Blogs Shaping Search Engines

The SEO Game that so many webmasters like to play daily, might want to take a closer look at the blogs filling up the search engines. Bloggers seem to have it all figured out and they’re the ones that are driving the results in all 3 of the major search engines. Most know the big 3 as Google, Yahoo, and Bing (formerly known as MSN). Outside of these 3 powerful search engines, things go downhill for the most part. I’m sure you and your friends could name 5 to 10 more search engines, but none of them really have the reach as Bing, Google, and Yahoo give their users. The 3 big search engines online are free to use. It costs nothing extra to have access to these huge databases; which all of them have collected over the years.

The bloggers know how to work in and out of these search engines pretty well. They learn all sorts of little tricks that get their links on the first page or listed first. Bloggers that can devote time each day to get a link near the top for the search results, will generally get rewarded over time with the Page Rank numbers that Google gives out or the quality and targeted traffic that arrives on their blog via search engines. If bloggers will just keep their eyes open daily and practice searching for things in the search engines, they can establish their own tricks of the trade or SEO tips. I have been blogging almost 5 years now and more than likely I will learn something new today and probably a few things before the week is over. A lot of people have been relying on bloggers to shape the search engines and I would imagine this will continue forever or as long as we have the Internet.

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Tips – Marketing Online for Free

Free Traffic World

Free Traffic World - Free Online Traffic

Can marketing online work for those that don’t have money to spend on advertising? Yes it can work and I hope I can give some suggestions to help you get started today! Regardless of what it is you’re promoting, you can get back awesome results by choosing the free paths online. The one thing you will need is time. Some people don’t consider their time as free, but if you have time to promote online, I can help you prepare effective marketing strategies and all of these are free. Before I get into the specifics for the free ways, I would like to point out one cheap way to advertise online. Over at Free Traffic World, they’re are having a special on their first page, second page, and third page advertising methods. This is a free traffic exchange online that people use daily to help them with their small business advertising or help with their referral programs. These early pages are a great way to promote your websites online and it isn’t free, but it’s very cheap compared to the other website’s costs. Here is how it works:

$2.50 – Gets your page seen as the first page when a member at Free Traffic World decides to surf. Your page will remain first for an entire 24 hour period. I have tried marketing like this before online and it does work really good. Some traffic exchanges will charge $10 to $20 for advertising  like this. This special offer at Free Traffic World gives small marketers a chance to advertise like the big marketers do and at a price that won’t bankrupt you. It only costs $2.50 to try and it’s worth it!

$8.00 – This is the price you can pay to be on the 2nd page at Free Traffic World and this special offer will last for an entire week! Imagine having your website be the 2nd page when each member surfs here. Even if a surfer is only going to surf a few pages that day, they will see your website, because it will be the 2nd page in rotation. For a cost of 8 dollars, this breaks down to about $1.15 a day for your website to be seen. You will be hard-pressed to find another traffic exchange offering a deal like this and I love this 1 week offer at Free Traffic World.

$18.00– Now this is a little more money than most people are willing to spend to promote their websites online. 18 dollars is something I don’t feel comfortable with, but if it works, then I am willing to spend it. Free Traffic World will let your page appear 3rd for an entire month, for those that do have 18 bucks they can spend for online advertising. So when a member loads up their surfing session for the day, they will only need to surf to the 3rd page to see the website you’re promoting at Free Traffic World. This really is a good deal and it gives you a chance to to get the attention of a lot of folks that make up the huge member base that currently makes up the Free Traffic World community. Since most months have about 30 days in them and this special offer is good for the entire month, it doesn’t take a math genius to see this special offer coming in at less than 1 dollar a day. In my opinion it’s worth 1 dollar a day to have your page appear 3rd in the rotation.  If you hurry and take advantage of this startpage special, you will be paying for your first 18 days of the month at only a 1 dollar cost; while you would receive an additional 12 days or so for FREE!

Now these startpage offers at Free Traffic World is not free, but it’s one of the best was to buy cheap advertising online. I recommend trying this form of marketing and see how it works out for you. Please come back and let me know how you did with the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd page offers at Free Traffic World, if you plan to test it out.

Money Growing on Trees

Money growing on trees is something that just doesn’t happen. It would be nice if we all had a tree that would grow money for us, but we know we must work for any money we get in life. You have to work in real life to get money and it’s no different online. You also have to work here just like you would do in the real world. Now working online can be fun, but it takes time. The most important thing for any online marketer to have is time. If you have time to spend online, then I can show you many ways to make money here.

The key thing is to search for free ways to market and advertise online. A traffic exchange like Free Traffic World or EasyHits4U is two good ways to advertise for free online. You can join both of these traffic exchanges for free and they will give you access to thousands and thousands of people online. You can also earn a little cash for your surfing efforts at these two traffic exchanges. You can use Easy Hits 4U and Free Traffic World to make make a little money just from surfing. You will also be earning free credits to promote your other websites that you hope to make money from.

Don’t forget to use message forums, blogs, and social networking places online to help spread the word. You want to take advantage of all the free ways to market online and these are just a small few you can start using today. I have more than 100 places you can start advertising for free at, but I don’t want to overload you with information today. Let’s take the slow and steady approach and follow my advice to the “T” and I will get you pointed in the right direction. No need to spend money or invest in your marketing efforts online. If you do have a little money you can spend now, please try the cheap startpage offers at Free Traffic World right now. This information is time sensitive, so you need to act fast. If you got this message too late, you can still join FTW and wait for the next reduced prices to appear on their startpage features they offer.

For today (or when you see this blog post), let’s get you started with 2 free ways to promote online.

1. Join FTW or Free Traffic World for Free

2. Join Easyhits4u for Free

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Finding Auction Information

In a recent review of a website called they have put together a nice site where you can subscribe to understand the ins and outs of making money through online auctions. The membership fee is minimal and can be made up within a few short days if you read the material and stick to the plan. It does tell you to go out and spend tons of money on inventory, but rather use the power of dropshippers to help reduce your cost and help in shipping.

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Taking control of your own business

How nice would it be to run your own restaurant? Besides all the free food you could get (which it really wouldn’t be free, since you would be buying it), you could make a comfortable income from it. Now many restaurants fail in their first year of existence. This is because of competitive prices and many people don’t have that special item that people want to come to their restaurant for.

blog_franchiseSo if you want to get started in owning a restaurant, check out some of the business franchise opportunities you already know. Ones that have commercials on television and these are more likely to succeed for you. If you start from scratch; then you want to make sure you have 1 or 2 items on the menu that is just so good, that people will want to stop at your place and eat. You will need a lot of money to get started owning your new restaurant, but you might not have to come up with it all if you look for some Restaurant Financing. See if someone will lend you the money and this could allow you to open up your restaurant years sooner. You will attract a lot of customers when you first open, because people will want to try the new restaurant in town. However, if word of mouth gets around and it’s negative, this might be short-lived and without customers your restaurant won’t survive. I would like to own one someday, but I’m still looking for that one food item that is original; that you just can’t get anywhere else.

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Making Money Online the Simple Way

Anyone can start making money online and it’s ok if you haven’t found a great program to join yet. There are some simple ways to earn online and it doesn’t cost 1 penny to start. It doesn’t work in most cases for those online programs that want you to spend money before you start making money. No one should have to follow this path in 2010. There are some simple-to-use ways you can start making money now and if you join right now, you can begin making money immediately.

I have tried a lot of online programs and I have learned the more complicated they are, the harder it is to build successful downlines. Why not join programs that are simple and anyone can understand how they work. I created a list of 3 good programs and 1 great way to advertise these programs. It’s not required to promote these programs to earn money online, but you will earn more money and earn it at a faster rate, if you take the time to promote these programs daily.

If you’re ready to start earning online, remember to keep it simple. The more time it takes you to learn a new program and the more confusing it seems to you; then chances are the more confusing it will be to others. These types of programs won’t have a long shelf-life on the Internet and it’s the easy-to-use programs that will end up making you the most money. Don’t give up and today can be the first day you really start to earn an income online.

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Revisiting the Titanic

You know the story already, the huge ship that was said to be unsinkable, and it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic causing it to sink. The human loss was great and some of the valuable jewels such as diamond wedding bands on the ship would be priceless today. It was estimated back in 1912 that there was about $600 million dollars lost in fortunes on that horrible night in April. It is just unthinkable to imagine what $600 million dollars in 1912 would be worth in 2007?

There have been several movies on the Titanic, but none more famous than the blockbuster in 1997 that featured Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. Maybe you remember this line in the move “It’s been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.”

In that movie they featured a diamond that was called “The Heart of the Ocean”, it was a beautiful blue diamond necklace that was based on the famous Hope Diamond. Now the actual Hope Diamond was never on the Titanic. The diamond in the movie was later worn by Celine Dion at the Oscar Ceremonies as she sang My Heart Will Go On. That necklace would later be auctioned off for charity, and it brought a staggering 2.2 million dollars! There was a jeweler that created a “Heart of the Ocean” blue diamond necklace, that was worn by Rose (the older version) portrayed by Gloria Stuart. That necklace at last count was estimated at $20,000,000 million dollars!

Now I get to bring in another diamond that can be tied to the Titanic. It wasn’t found no where near the North Atlantic Ocean, but instead it was hiding down in Mexico.  That was just two days before the Titanic would hit the iceberg at around 11:40 PM that night. The Titanic set voyage on April 10th and April 12th would have been right in the middle of the Titanic’s last journey.

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More Schools Playing Table Tennis

All the modern advances and equipment available to school kids these days, some schools still go back to the basics. The ping pong tables are one of those items that is cheap for schools to buy and really great exercise believe it or not. Most might not think of table tennis as that much exercise, but just trying playing it sometime. Especially if you have a big room your table is located in and all the energy you will spend just running down that little white ball. I never really was that good at ping pong in high school, so I was one of those people that would have to run down that ball. Even if you have two players that can keep the ball on the table well, you wouldn’t imagine the workout your arms and legs get, trying to stay in position to make that next swat across the net. I may not play it that well, but I never pass up an opportunity; when I see someone that has a ping pong table inside their basement or garage. Do you ever play ping pong or table tennis?

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