Braves Finally Beat the Mets

It was a slow start to the baseball season, thanks to the New York Mets baseball team. The Braves finally got things going, after leaving New York. But when the Mets came into town to face the Braves again, it looked like it was going to be a long series again. Luckily the bats got hot early and the Mets star pitcher Santana got knocked out earlier. In fact, it was the shortest game for him, as a starting pitcher, ever!

It was fun watching the Braves play at Turner Field tonight. I hope we get to see more games like this one; than the first 4 games against the Mets. Perhaps the confidence is there now and it will continue, when we finish up this home series with the Mets in a day game tomorrow.

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Consumers Shopping for the Lowest Insurance Prices

No one wants to overpay for anything. Especially these days with money so tight. The one thing we certainly want at the best value, is the various insurance plans we own. I know some people will spend 5 minutes searching for the best insurance quotes and will choose a plan that day. While others will spend a month or more and go through great lengths, to see the insurance plan they buy, offers the most coverage and comes with the best possible price. How much time would you say you spend on finding the best insurance rates and insurance coverages for you and your family? I know I am guilty of just wanting to get the process over with and I probably should start spending a little extra time, where I make sure I have a solid insurance plan with the cheapest prices possible. I will take cheap insurance over coverage, but that could come back to bite me one day (knock on wood).

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The Gold Search Continues…


I still continue to comb the mountains of North Georgia for gold. I know there is a lot of gold out there that is still undiscovered and I plan to find some of it. It’s been hard with the cold winter conditions we have been having lately. We don’t typically see these brutal cold temperatures, especially since global warming or climate change has been going on.

Why do I hunt for gold? Well I really don’t. I never had an interest in it in the past. Since the price of gold has soared to more than 1000 dollars for an ounce of this shinny metal, it has made me take an interest in finding gold. I’m sure this was the case 150 years ago that drove so many people to look for gold. Back then, when someone found gold in a new area a gold rush would begin. A gold rush is exactly what it sounds like. A lot of people rushing to find gold.

We have a nice gold belt in North Georgia, so I have plenty of places to look for gold. My home is in that gold belt and I have never searched for gold on my own property. The rules have changed now with gold soaring to all new highs in recent months. The experts believe gold prices will continue to go up for the next 1 to 2 years, so I guess my interest in finding gold will continue to increase too. I just need for Old Man Winter to let up some, so I can get out there and search around the rivers and creeks that flow through North Georgia. If you live in North Georgia and know of good places to pan for gold; then please let me know some of these places. I am quickly trying to learn the best places to search and what signs to look for, before I even break the first piece of ground looking for gold.

I currently don’t own a gold pan or a sluice box. Two tools that all gold miners need. I will have to squeeze these prospecting tools into my budget; when I get a little extra cash in my pockets. A gold sluice box is an important tool and makes looking for gold a lot more easier. You can shovel a lot of material through a sluice box and find what your looking for that way. So for now, my search for gold continues…

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Travel like you are a pro

Many people travel because of their jobs and this is where you can gain pointers from corporate travel management companies. Since they are experts at travel simply asking them some of their tips and tricks can be the difference between a simple hotel room to getting that free upgraded suite. Many various jobs will require a person to travel to different parts of the country or even different parts of the world. Businesses and companies may be looking for a cheap but comfortable way for their employees to travel.

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Getting alternative energy

I would like to go to Niagara Falls someday. I know a lot of people take their honeymoons or make it a romantic type of trip when they visit this breath taking scene. I would just like to go and see the raw power that water has coming off the edges. I know the falls are used for electricity purposes and I bet it is responsible for a lot of people having power in that area. It can impact those that are in the business in building and selling various electrical goods for the consumer. While simply supplying electricity for normal house hold items like TV’s, lamps, and heating hydro power electricity is certainly a great resource to have. It can also depend on various conditions such as rain fall and melting snow packs in the mountains. I’m not sure if it’s possible for a drought to occur in that area and would hurt the amount of power it supplies to the residents up there. I know a lot of people would be without lights if the Falls was to suddenly stop.

Many of the dams in the Southeast produce a major portion of the electricity for homes and businesses but there is still a gap in consumption and demand. We need Niagara Falls to flow in our lakes for about a month to help them fill back up. Most of the experts think our biggest problems will be late in the summer next year, but right now we have about 75 days of water left, if it doesn’t rain anymore. I was just wondering with global warming and the climate changing, if Niagara Falls would ever be in danger of drying up or becoming a trickle one day? I guess a lot of ice and snow-covered mountains feed it and the hotter it gets, will just mean more water that comes through the Falls.

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Returning the Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season

Some of your friends and family members may not be doing as bad as you financially this year. They may be able to afford nicer gifts than you can send out this holiday season. I know it can be a stressful time, trying to keep up with those people close to you, that send you nice gifts each year for Christmas. The important thing is that you don’t forget about them all together. There are still a lot of inexpensive ways to give back to these people; while not costing you much out of the wallet or pocketbook. For those who do send you gifts this Christmas season, be sure to figure out a way to send them a little something back. It is the thought that counts. Buying a pack of thank you cards or creating your own personalized cards for sending to your relatives and close friends, is a nice gesture and it lets them know you didn’t forget about them. Please don’t let the holiday cheer cease on your end of things. Keep the love flowing and most folks will understand this year, since it has been such a tough economical time for all of us.

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Reasonable Models at Cheap Price and The Best Replica Watches at Reasonable Cost

All genuine replica items are easily matched with the original and there should be very close similarities in all materials used and how it is built. doublet timekeepers like Bell&Ross, Breguet and Bvlgari are extremely cheap and reasonably imitated whereas the clone of Tank, U-Boat replica, Panerai replica, Corum doublet, Tag Heuer replica, Hublot replica and Omega replica are excellently duplicated and reasonably priced. This fact highlights the availability of models at any price choice.
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Explore a website before you make a deal in order to ensure that the company holds a first-class status. You can search for the company name to see if the company has a good service history.
Good imitation watches are found on websites. Although their price is low, the quality is not low at all. People can afford more than one watch too, which is great for all especially for the youth. You can own a set of replica watches to match your dresses and you will be able to demonstrate that you own multiple designer watches and you will certainly get noticed even in a busy bus stop or in a crowded railway station.
As nobody would not be able to tell the difference between most of our products and the genuine replica, your friends and relatives will marvel how you could afford all of those high quality watches and be jealous of your fashionable watches.

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Anne Frank Tree in Amsterdam Falls

Margot Frank (L) and Anne Frank (R)Last Known Picture of Anne Frank

The story of Anne Frank and her most prized possession in the World has went further than she could have ever imagined. It was her diary that made headlines all over the World. It continues to be a story that gets told over and over, as we still move away from a dark time in Amsterdam and Europe’s history.

While the very young Anne Frank spent more than 2 years being trapped in a attic from Nazi Germany, she would spend a lot of time writing and jotting down things in her diary. She received the diary on her 13th birthday; which was on June 12th, 1942 and the last entry into her diary was dated on August 1st, 1944.

Anne Frank would talk often about a huge tree that was growing outside and how she could see the tree from their hiding spot in the attic. The tree meant a lot to her and was a way for her to see life going on outside of the walls; in which her and her family along with 3 others who could not go outside of the office building. To avoid capture, they would all have to remain very quiet as Nazi soldiers were using the office building to conduct business from. There wasn’t much for a young teen girl to enjoy from a cramped lifestyle like this, but the huge tree did help to entertain and give her comfort.

The tree has been debated for a long time in Amsterdam now. Most have always been in support with letting the tree stay in place as a tribute to Anne Frank. The office building is now a tourist attraction and the big tree did present some safety concerns. Tree experts manage to brace the tree up for proper support, so visitors to the office building would be safe.

The large chestnut tree has stood strong for a long time in Amsterdam. That was until a big storm with lots of rain and wind came through and took the big tree down. It’s a sad sight to see and the most popular tree in Amsterdam is now just a memory for everyone. I wonder how long Anne would have guessed, if she were asked how many more years the big tree would continue to live? We can only imagine, if she would have ever thought the big tree would stand another 70 years, from the first day she ever saw it.

The one good thing about the tree making headlines in 2010, will be the fact others will learn more about the story of Anne Frank and her diary. It’s a great story which has been told many times and in many different languages. This latest news from Amsterdam, with the Anne Frank Tree falling down, will help others to learn more about this incredible young girl, who gave us an inside look at the destruction Adolf Hitler was causing throughout Europe in the early 1940’s.

Speaking of Hitler, in a story unrelated to this one, new evidence has surfaced that proves the German dictator had African and Jewish DNA in his blood. This is a true story and a little bit strange it would come out now, just as the Anne Frank Tree was falling down to the wet and saturated grounds in Amsterdam. Almost as if the tree was holding out for the news; about Hitler having Jewish and African ancestors in his family tree of DNA.

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Gas Prices on the Rise

I’m not sure how much higher gas prices can go. They are already over 3 dollars a gallon and most experts on Wall Street think they will continue to increase for the next several months. For some people these minor gas hikes are not even noticeable to them. If you drive around in a cadillac; then you probably won’t feel the impact at the pumps as much as others will this year. I know the people around me, who I see on a regular basis, will have a hard time with the price of oil soaring to new record highs.

A long time ago, only the rich folks could afford cars and trucks. If you owned an automobile, it was a positive reflection on you and the income you had coming in. In today’s world, everyone has a car or truck to drive around in. The people driving SUV’s continue to increase each year and these vehicles are not easy on gas. If you get a Toyota scion xb, you may not be paying as much for gas, as some of the bigger SUV owners are doing each week. However, I think we may see history repeat itself. Just like in the old timey days, when only the rich could drive and afford cars. I believe the people who will be driving on the roadways in the next 3  to 5 years will be the rich people. I don’t see how we can all continue to drive, when we don’t have enough oil to go around for everybody. The World’s oil supply is running out and the upper class families will be the ones who get the last drop of petro.

I don’t see any reasons for us to panic. We can all start taking precautions and limit our need for gasoline as a family. If families start cutting down on their fuel amounts, then soon we can have neighborhoods doing it and watch it spread slowly outward. Don’t be in a hurry to buy a big vehicle that drinks a lot of gas. Large families will still need to buy something like a jeep patriot to hold everyone, but solo drivers could seek out the smaller cars for them.

Society hasn’t learned their lesson yet. I know this by the big SUV vehicles I see and the sports cars, like the dodge challenger, are still driving down the streets in 2011. Once we see the highways filled up with small cars and less traffic, we will know the gas supply is getting low. There will be a day and it is coming soon, where every person in America will see 2 or 3 bicycle riders, as they make their way to work each day. If we don’t find some big reserve of oil on this planet and our country continues to grow at this rate; along with other modern countries like China and India. We are going to burn up all of the oil and the children being born in 2011, will never drive a automobile in their teen years. Does anyone see a future with gasoline engines, 16 years from now?

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