Hansgrohe Faucets: German Quality

The Germans have some of the best skilled and hardest working people on the planet. One good example of this true German quality is with their faucets. I’m not sure how many companies in Germany produce bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets, but one company, headquartered over in Germany, really stands out with the well-designed products they produce daily. The Hansgrohe faucet is a work of art and a really well-produced item for any kitchen or bathroom. The employees at the Hansgrohe company do a fantastic job in buffing these parts just right. It isn’t easy to buff a chrome faucet part. You must do all of your buffing in one direction, so the strokes on the chrome or other faucet and handle parts match. You can’t buff a chrome part one way and then change directions. These flaws can easily be seen in the light. Any workers at a Hansgrohe manufacturing plant, that buffs their parts in different directions, won’t make it pass the inspection process at Hansgrohe. Their inspectors also do a nice job in determining if the right “shine” is put on each faucet part they make and design. I don’t think most Americans would last very long at a job; in which they had to buff these faucets and handles. I’m sure most of their parts get made in Germany, but the U.S. does have plants over here that produce these beautiful faucets from the German company Hansgrohe.

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What Do Sunday Afternoons Mean To You?

Sundays are the most unusual day of the week. It’s the 2nd half to our weekends and a lazy day for most of us. Even though we may not have to physically do anything on Sundays, the mental stress is sometimes the strongest on Sundays. A day where we start preparing to go back to work or school. Sometimes it is hard to enjoy your Sunday, because you know tomorrow brings another long work week.

I really feel something special in the air on Sunday afternoons. It seems like Sunday nights I feel the most stress with Monday just around the corner, but I do find ways to enjoy my afternoon time on Sundays. I believe watching a good western movie on TV is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I always get the feeling these westerns that take place out in the desert or some other deserted part of the country, is always happening on a Sunday afternoon. If you watch a western movie through the week or at night, you will still get the feeling, the movie is taking place on a bright and sunny afternoon and on Sunday. Maybe not so much with the black and white western movies, but for those that appear in color, seem like a Sunday afternoon.

Do you ever think about the day of the week a movie was shot on? Are there any special types of movies, that always give you the feeling, it is taking place on a certain day of the week? I know the high school or college kid movies, where they go out to a party or something. These young people’s movies, where a party scene is involved seems like a Friday night. I guess because most parties do take place on a Friday or Saturday night. Friday is my favorite day of the week and it always seems special for some reason. My love for Sunday afternoons is a different type of love.

I do have a lot winter time memories growing up as a kid, where my favorite NFL football team would always seem to be playing football on a rainy day. A lot of Sunday afternoons in the fall and early winter time, always seem to have rain associated with them. Maybe this is due to where I live, but I can remember a lot of times waiting for my favorite NFL team to play and waking up on Sunday mornings and listening to the rain fall outside.

I guess I have the ability to go from one extreme to another on my Sunday afternoons. During the hot months, I see daytime baseball games, Nascar races, and western movies; which take place out in the dry deserts. Where during the colder months, I see my Sundays filled with rain and being cloudy outside when I wake up and wait for an NFL football game to start. Do you share any of these feelings on your Sunday afternoons?

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First Time Colon Cleanse

I have never had a colon cleanse before. I figured I am over due for one. I’m sure I have a lot of toxins and poisons built up in my system that a colon cleanse would help to relieve. I’m still not sure which product would work best. I see a lot of online advertisements and people marketing colon cleanse products. The herbal colon cleanse products seem like a safe choice. It seems the natural products are always better than the ones man create. We didn’t hear much about these types of products 10 years ago and now there seems to be a lot more attention and focus for the products that deal with colon cleansing. Have you had a colon cleanse before? Did you find instant relief or felt better after having this at-home-procedure done? My energy levels are down from my younger days and I have heard that some people get an energy boost from a colon cleanse. If that’s the case, I should really step up my efforts to get my colon cleaned.

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When Web Design is Not Enough Online

All marketers online like to cover their bases these days. Leave no stone unturned, because if you do, you may just be missing out on some earnings. A great-looking web design is important to most online marketers. You need that “eye candy” or online attraction, which can lead a visitor to your site, or more importantly keeping them there, once they do show up at your site. However, creating the best looking website in the World, will not help you any, if no one can see it.

This is where a company like the Main Interactive Group can come in handy. They are essentially a group of web designers chicago, who can help to create an attractive website, but also lending a hand in the different ways to market your site or business online. They are a marketing group based in the Chicago area, but do provide their services to a national client base. They help webmasters and business owners online to get a positive marketing campaign going, so others on the World Wide Web can see them. Instead of just having a beautiful website up, it also needs to be user-friendly and a brand that is beginning to gain daily recognition on the Internet.

There are a lot of different services that a marketing group like this can help you with. The team of web design chicago want all of their customers to know, they are a full service group of Internet Marketers. They offer marketing vehicles in all of your different marketing areas. The social marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing are all key phases they like to include with their Internet marketing services. They will also help with any PPC advertising or any other online ads; which may help to generate more business or targeted traffic your way. All of the latest SEO or search engine optimization is used, to help every webmaster get their sites high up in the search engines. All of these marketing tools and tips; while providing each and every customer their expertise and great design skills, they have in their arsenal for making your website look better overall. It doesn’t matter if you live in Chicago or not, if your online business needs a jump start or is just starting for the first time, there is full service marketing groups, you can get in touch with on the World Wide Web!

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What Time Do You Go To Bed at Night?

Do you have a certain time you like to go to bed every night? Perhaps we all stay up later on the weekends, when we don’t have to wake up early the next morning. When you have to work through the week, when is a good time for you to go to bed at night?

A. 9 PM

B. 10 PM

C. 11 PM

D. Midnight

Does one of these bedtimes fit your night time schedule? I wish I could go to sleep at 9 pm or even earlier. There is just too many good programs on TV at those hours, I have to stay up and watch them. I am a big sports fan, so I usually stay up til 10:30 or later every night. I may lay down at 11 PM or so, but rarely go to sleep at that time. I would probably have to choose “D” as my answer. I sometimes stay up later than midnight. It can be peaceful late at night and easy for me to get a lot of online work done, when the house is all quiet. My family doesn’t always go to bed on time and they can make a few noises after midnight, but I usually can count on the majority of the night hours, as a quiet time to blog online.

What about you and your family? Do you have a time you like to have the pajamas on and be in the bed? After you lay down, how long does it take for you to actually go to sleep?

I also like to dream at night time. I have a lot of vivid dreams at night and like to share my dreams with others and compare notes. Please let me know of any dreams you have at night. I like to try and diagnose dreams and see if I can pick up on any patterns.

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Mobile gaming continues to rise in 2013

I was reading a recent article that was talking about the rise of mobile gaming. In the year 2000 the were approximately 20 million gamers that were playing online games and casino type games. Then when social network sites became popular in 2008 the explosion happened and the growth exceeded 211 million gamers. Everywhere you look there are new and more interactive games that are coming online where you can play with friends and across various operating platforms. So no matter if you own an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone you can play games with your friends. From simple games like word creation to poker type games. The article noted that people now spend more time on their phone than they do watching TV. Companies are seeing this and making their ads and brands more mobile in order to be where the customers are at and will be more interactive.
mobile casinoSites like www.mobilecasino.mobi understand this trend have created a casino site that is specifically geared towards all those mobile phone users. One of the most popular mobile games for men is texas hold em. Companies understand this trend and are designing their sites to not only be more mobile friendly , but gearing up their games and promotions geared and that millions of online gamers. Not only are they developing apps that run on your smartphone, but they are investing in their websites to make them more mobile friendly across platforms for both phones and tablets. If you love playing online casino games then sites like Mobilecasino.mobi can help you. If you are going to spend all that time on your phone why not have a little fun and join a quick card game or take a spin on a slot machine.

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The Legend of DB Cooper

The legend of D.B. Cooper still lives today. Which is actually Duane Cooper, but was mistakenly named D.B. by a news reporter, and the name has stuck. D.B. Cooper did one of the most amazing robberies in American History. He first hi-jacked an Northwest Airlines flight 305 that was leaving Portland and bound for Seattle. He was sitting in Seat 18C, wearing sunglasses and a dark suit, handed a flight attendant a note. It said he had a bomb and threatened to blow up the Boeing 727 unless he received $200,000 cash and four parachutes when the plane landed. The man in Seat 18C purchased his ticket under the name “Dan Cooper.”

When the plane landed in Seattle, DB Cooper was given his parachutes and the 200,000 dollars that he requested. He released about 3 dozen passengers, and a couple of the flight crew members. He then instructed the pilot to fly toward Mexico, and at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Somewhere along the journey, DB would jump out of the Northwest Airlines Plane and would parachute down with the money with him. He done all of this the day before Thanksgiving in 1971.

The FBI started a massive manhunt for D.B. Cooper, that lasted for several months. It was a very costly manhunt, as they were using so many resources to capture the man that got away with 200,000 dollars of cash. Nothing from the investigations ever help to capture D.B. Cooper. Now more than 3 decades later, there’s still not much new in the case.

There are several people that have claimed to be D.B. Cooper, but nothing has materialized yet. The FBI has 2 candidates that they have strong suspicions about. Then just recently a couple of amateur investigators made a segment on Entertainment Tonight. They are claiming a resident in Oregon is D.B. Cooper, and have even written a book about it. The man does fit the profile, since he is a skydiver, and has been in trouble with the law before. He also called the FBI, just 2 hours after D.B. Cooper had jumped, saying that it wasn’t him, and if they needed any help, he would be happy to. This man from Oregon was apparently struggling for money at the time, and later on was able to buy over 30 acres of land with his own personal airport on it.

Another famous claim, was the death bed confession of a Florida man. He was on his death bed, and told his wife, that he was Duane Cooper. His wife didn’t know what that meant at the time, and later on, found patterns that was consistent to what her late husband was saying. The picture of this man back around the time in 1971, is a close resemblance to the sketch artist drawing of the skyjacker.

The case still remains listed as an active FBI Investigation, and nothing has been closed on the D.B. Cooper Case. It’s the only sky-jacking in the world, that has never been solved! Remember that one when your out playing trivia with the guys.

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Using Our Creative Side for Halloween

While October 31st is for dressing up in fancy costumes and going door to door for trick or treating fun, we don’t ever really think about this holiday as a time to create. Some of our most creative ideas probably come to life on this day; than any other day on the calendar. Especially for someone who decides to design and create their own Halloween costumes. Some home owners get creative on the things they will hand out to the children each year for trick or treating. Others may choose to be creative with the delivery process for handing out all of those goodies. Also, let’s don’t forget about the pumpkins and how we get creative to to turn them into jack-o-lanterns. Some adults will practice a lot of Halloween decorating ideas and not just for the kids. They are a lot of talented folks who will create Halloween gifts, to give out to their co-workers, friends, or family members. Some of these gift-giving ideas are really genius-like and it amazes me how some people get their creative juices flowing this much. Do you have an aunt or someone creative in your family? Who always makes it a point to come up with some special homemade crafts, to give out as Halloween gifts. I don’t have this creative side on Halloween or any other time of the year. I do admire people who can create the coolest little gifts, out of ordinary items you can find just laying around the house.

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Bringing Black & White Movies to Color

Over the last several years, a lot more of our classic movies are being turned into colored pictures. I thought when this new technology came out, it was great and I loved seeing those first movies they change into colored films. What did you originally think about Hollywood getting a color make over? Now I have seen some true classics and I mean true classics in the truest sense, getting colorized and I am beginning to have 2nd thoughts on this new technology for older black and white movies.

Another new technology we have is for turning black and white photos into a colored image. I saw a great video over at You Tube that shows a quick tutorial on this process. Perhaps someone out there has an old family photo; which is in black & white color and would like to juice it up some, by adding a few bright colors into the photograph. See if this video can help you learn the first few steps with adding colors to still photographs.

Adding Colors to Pictures
YouTube Preview Image

For the most part, I think these newer technologies in the color fields is great. I just wonder to what limits it should go. Is there any limits in place? I would hope some legendary black and white movies will never get a color upgrade, but I really don’t think there is nothing in place to stop this fast-growing technology in Hollywood.

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Safest Building Structures These Days

If you were going to build a new building for your small business, what type of materials would you use? Do you like the classic look of bricks? Or do you prefer a more sturdy structure and would take a blueprint from the steel buildings in your area of town? I would like for my new business to stick out. It’s hard to do this, when you lease a space in a strip mall. I would prefer to have a free-standing building. Get away from the strip malls and try to have a building with my own parking lot. A lot would depend on your business. I guess some would flourish in the strip mall settings. I just know for me and my own preferences, that a brick or steel building would be the best thing for me. I need to have my own parking lot and I don’t need other stores or restaurants near by. If you build the right kind of small business, then the consumers out there will find you. It doesn’t matter if you are next to a popular fast food chain or located next to a super store. If you have good service and a product the community wants or needs; then location is not a big deal. The whole idea of geography being important, comes from the businesses that are not original or unique in the area. At least this is the way I look at it. I do hope I get the chance some day, to build my own business, in the hometown I am living at now. I really do believe, the city of Canton and all of North Georgia could benefit, from my unique ideas for a new business.

Making sure the building stands for a really long time is important. Since I live in an area that receives hard rains, heavy winds, and the occasional twister or two, I do want a super sturdy structure. To me, it would seem like steel is the obvious choice. Bricks or cement blocks are sturdy too, but after a tornado comes through, there always seems to be a lot of bricks and blocks laying around. Even a steel building is not guaranteed to stay intact, if a big F3 or F4 size tornado comes ripping through. I believe going underground is the only real way, to insure damage control, if a tornado does decide to come your way. What do you think? What materials would you use, to build a structure that would be sturdy and stand for a really long time?

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