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There is also a lot of clever ways around the costs, that it takes to get started in an online school. Once you go through searching online universities from your computer and find the school that looks best for you. You can contact these schools and they will be more than willing to help you learn about student loans. Most people going back to school will get approved for a student loan and this will keep their tuition and other fees paid; while they get a degree online. Typically these student loans don’t give you a free education, but it becomes much more affordable and the big payments for paying it back, will come after you get a better paying job. The online universities will also show you about government grants and how these grants will help pay for your education too. So as you can see, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your back-to-school costs. It’s much cheaper than most people think and I just love the fact I can do my work at noon or midnight each day!

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Urban Meyer’s Ambien Addiction

Urban Meyer Ambien Addiction

The coach for the University of Florida’s football team is suffering from some severe sleeping problems. At least that would suggest his use for the popular sleeping pill Ambien. This is a strong sleeping pill and people don’t often function properly after taking more than the prescribed dosage of Ambien. This appears to be the case with Urban Meyer who was taking Ambien in Atlanta; when his wife made a phone call to 9-1-1 for help. She was fearing for her husband’s life as he was struggling with the side-effects from Ambien.

Only people with severe sleeping problems get prescribed a drug like this. It’s not been reported yet if this was his prescription or if he purchased these drugs off the street. It will probably have future consequences with the NCAA and the Florida football program. The Gators did let Alabama beat them this year and they didn’t win the SEC Title in Atlanta like many was predicting to happen. Perhaps this is the first sign of Urban Meyer’s decline, if he does indeed have an addiction to Ambien or other sleeping pills.

You don’t want to get hooked on sleeping pills. Going to sleep each night is something that should happen naturally. Using medications to help you sleep, just mask the problem and chances are there is a more severe problem going on. Obviously Urban Meyer felt like he needed help with his sleeping, after losing the SEC Title Game. It could also be a sign of depression or frustration and he sought to use Ambien to help him with the tremendous feelings of being beat on a national stage at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. It’s unclear who will be the head coach of Florida next season and I would think it would be tough for Urban Meyer to just sit on the sidelines without having some control of what takes place on the football field. The Florida Gators football recruiting will suffer as new recruits look for other schools to play their collegiate careers at and will go to where the coaching situation is more stable. The Gators don’t have an impressive class coming in this year and that will probably drop off even further next year as no one knows who is coaching the Florida Gators football team.

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My Fantasy Baseball Team

Over at Yahoo this year, I decided to get back into the fantasy swing of things. I had taken a year off to enjoy watching sports without the fantasy side of it. Now I am ready to hop back into action and I did this with a fantasy baseball team at Yahoo Sports. It’s free to do and even though the MLB season has started already. You still can sign up for team, leagues, and do a automated draft or even the fun live drafts. I did a live draft in a 12 team league. Our league is made up of some pretty good owners I believe. After a little over 1 week of play, my team is in 5th place.

I mixed things up in the draft. I did a lot more pitching in the higher rounds, than I am use to. My first ace pitcher was Zack Grienke of the Milwaukee Brewers. I was unaware of his injury status. If I knew about this, I would have passed on him. He is currently riding my DL (disabled list) and I hope to get him back in about 3 to 6 weeks from now. Even though I used some high picks in the draft to select pitchers, I am still struggling in the starting pitcher category. I used my high picks on closers mainly and one injured pitcher, so its going to take some time to pan out for me. My team is doing very well in the saves category, as I have about 3 closers on my team. In a 12 team league, it would be impossible for everyone to have 3 closers, so I have the early advantage there. This is not a head to head baseball league. I decided to do the rotisserie fantasy baseball with my busy, hectic, and unpredictable schedule.

Another stat I need some help in right now is with home runs. I thought I had my power numbers covered, but my team is not knocking them over the fence right now. I got the third basemen from the Toronto Blue Jays who hit 54 homers last year. He’s off to another good start with a couple of blasts to start the season. I have the Detroit Tigers Manny Cabrera I have high hopes for and expect him to give me 35 homers, but may need 45 for my team to really do well this year. I lucked up and got Scott Rolen late in the draft and he has had 1 homerun already. I hope he can help my power numbers some too.

I will try to reveal more players from my fantasy baseball team as the year goes on. As of right now, I need starting pitching and some home run power. If I can manage to trade or sign these needs through free agency, I can begin to move up the board and don’t have to get comfortable in this 5th place spot, I currently find myself in. By the way, I did pick in the 5th spot in my live draft, so from that perspective, I am right in-line to where my team should be.

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Buying Stylish Rain Boots Online

There are a variety of different rain boots online consumers can shop for. You can find these all-weather footwear products on a lot of different online websites. I believe the ladies would enjoy shopping online for some of these stylish rain boots that are available just for them. We normally don’t think of female shoppers looking for women’s rain boots online. I believe its due to the fact a lot of women don’t realize just how fashionable some of these boots are. No one ever buys an umbrella when it’s not raining outside. The ones who do choose to get an umbrella on a bright, sunny day are glad they made the purchase, when the wet stuff does begin to fall outside. I believe the same is true for rain boots. No one really wants to shop online for boots that were made to keep your feet dry during a rain storm. For all of those women that do choose to shop for rain boots; while the sun is shinning, will be happy and more than willing to go out, the next time Mother Nature decides to give us a few drops of rain. This is just the practical reason and why these rain boots were made. I believe women will want to wear these stylish rain boots during the pretty days too, since a lot of these boots are so stylish for women. If there are any ladies out there, what was your initial reaction, when you saw this picture of ladies rain boots on my blog?

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The Golden Eagle

golden eagles

Got up this morning and seen a very large bird in my yard. I wasn’t sure what it was, so came online to see. It turns out that it was a golden eagle in my yard. It’s the first time I have ever seen one of these large and beautiful birds. They can travel up to 150 miles per hour and are one of the most feared birds when it comes to their prey. They will swoop down and grab rats or rabbits or other small animals like that. They have even been known to attack full grown deer. A bird attacking a huge deer is amazing and this must be one hungry bird to attack such a large animal.

These golden eagles can be found in North America, Eurasia, and in Africa too. It seems in Almedia, California is the place they like the best. This is where they are the most densely populated and must have something to do with the weather and the type of game that roams the land in this part of California. If you have never seen a golden eagle before, it truly is a memorable sight to see. I don’t think I will forget my first experience this morning with a golden eagle anytime soon. I hope this one plans to make a home nearby and I will get the opportunity to see it again.

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Shopping online this Holiday Season

You don’t need to bother going to each credit card individually to see which one has the best offer or rates for you. This can waste a lot of time and cause aggravation and then you still might not be getting the best deal possible. Sites like can help find Instant Approval Credit Cards that will provide numerous options to help you get a great credit care deal. They make finding the best deals for a credit card real simple and you won’t have to go looking all over to find a credit card that fits your needs. Put your computer to good use and look for an Online Credit Card by using a a simple to use interface to find cards by rates, rebates, and rewards.

Now I have looked around at some of the other shopping malls and I think one really stands out above the others. There are some great sites that can provide a one stop shopping resource while you are shopping this holiday season. Many will have a search tool that will help you find the right credit card for you. You will get the chance to compare many of the top lenders that are offering credit cards these days and I found that to be really helpful. It’s fun to see which ones really do the best when you compare them next to each other. A lot will depend on exactly what you’re looking for in a credit card to see which one will make the most sense for you.

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Photos Hot for the Holiday Cards this Year

Every year we see different trends develop around the end-of-the-year holidays. If its not here before Halloween arrives, you know it will show its face before turkey day gets here. The spooky days of October, the tables filled with food in November, and the holiday spirits of December are my favorite 3 months of the year. I believe I do see a new trend that will be here, just in time for the holidays. I think this year, more folks are going to send Christmas cards, Thanksgiving cards, and probably Halloween cards too. Since the price of gasoline is still not holding at a steady number, most believe gas prices are due for a sharp increase. When we pay more at the pumps, it is a little less holiday cheer we can afford to spread around.

If families don’t travel to see each other, they will be sending these holiday cards in the mail. I even think for Santa Claus, we will see a lot of these new Christmas photo cards going out via U.S. mail. These holiday cards with photos of the family will be a hot item this year. Mom and Dad have the chance to take pictures of their self, the kids, and even the family pet and send them in the mail to the grandparents and other close relatives. Instead of your standard Christmas cards, relatives and other friends of the family can personalize these holiday letters. It isn’t much to pay for these cards and the postage rates are cheap too.

Once a family member or friend opens up the card and sees the personalize pictures you have sent, they will be keeping this holiday card in a special place. These lovely photo cards are also great items to send out with Halloween costume pictures of the kids or even a picture of the Thanksgiving table; which will be full of delicious food items. Most will probably have enough photographs, so they could send a card for all 3 of these popular holidays. So don’t let the high cost of gasoline keep your holiday spirits down this year. You can still send your love through the mail, with some of these sharp-looking holiday photo cards.

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Hanson and Glaus Spoiling Braves Chemistry

A successful series just wrapped up at the Ted today with the Braves taking 2 out of 3 from the San Diego Padres. There just isn’t a lot of confidence or much hope for a Braves win when Tommy Hanson takes to the mound for the Atlanta Braves. He is by far one of the more over rated young pitchers in the game today. I use to think of him as just an average MLB pitcher. I now don’t think he’s even that good as his latest start was the one game we lost to the Padres in a 12 inning affair.

So you think Bobby Cox can manage? Well if you saw his decision in the 12th inning on Wednesday night, you would change your opinion on that. What makes it even more funny, the Braves announcer Joe Simpson agreed with Bobby Cox’s 12th inning decision. Just goes to show you how much of a home towner Simpson is and he refuses to call out Bobby Cox or Chipper Jones. Poor Chipper couldn’t even hustle on a fly ball that was dropped today and had to take a time out to get a drink after running to first base on a play he beat out with the bases loaded. So what was the decision Cox made in the 12 inning on Wednesday? Check this out….

The Padres have runners at 2nd and 3rd base with the first base bag open. The number 8 hitter is in the box ( a weak hitter) and the Padres only have their back up catcher left to pinch hit in this extra innings baseball game. The coach for the Padres decides to send his back up catcher to the on-deck circle to hit next, if his number 8th hitter can find a way to extend the inning. Now the back up catcher for the Padres is a little better of a hitter than the 8th place guy. So the Braves have the weakest of the two batters in the box ready to bat. However, Mr. Cox sees a very interesting opportunity and he has a chance to force the Padres hand and make them use their last position player, if he will walk the guy in the batter’s box now and pitch to the San Diego Padres back up catcher. The only down side to this move, you’re putting a guy that swings the bat a little better than the current hitter. So Cox does send the orders in to walk the 8th place hitter and pitch to the better player in the Padres line up and he rockets a double down the left field line; that plates two Padre runners in the 12th inning. The Braves fail to score in the bottom of the 12th inning and the Padres walk away with the win. Actually the Braves failed to score in 11 of the 12 innings they played in Wednesday and scored all 4 runs in one inning.

Now the obvious mistake Bobby Coxmade was he pitched to the better hitter. The part that is so troubling to me, this is the way Bobby Cox has did things in Atlanta for the last 20 years. He actually walked a guy on purpose, so the other team would be forced to use a pitcher as a pinch hitter in the 15th inning! How many baseball games do you know that ever make it to the 15th inning? Cox often manages in the future like this, when games can be won or lost on the very next pitch. He will go into a game today and make decisions based on things he will need in tomorrow’s game. He has never understood the need to use all of his bullets now and hope for a different situation in the baseball game tomorrow.

Joe Johnson & Bobby Cox

Bobby Cox made the worse coaching decision of the year and probably the 21st century, when he walked a guy for the sole purpose of using up all the position players from an opposing team. This game never had a chance to go 15 innings, because Cox gave the Padres a gift and allowed their better hitter to get his swing in when it counted. However, Braves fans can be grateful that we didn’t use all of our position players up. Cox can’t be fooled by the Padres, he used Derek Lowe to pinch hit in the extra innings and saved his back up catcher David Ross. So the Braves lost a game in which a pitcher got to pinch hit at-bat, a position player was left without an at-bat, and all while going 12 innings at home.

Troy Glaus has been a problem with Braves chemistry too. He has had one hot streak and failed a lot of times with a runner at 3rd base and less than 2 outs and couldn’t get the runner home from 3rd base in these situations. In this extra innings game, Cox brung in a pinch runner (who was a position player) for Glaus, after Troy got a base hit with 2 outs already in the inning. You don’t mind seeing this move with less than 2 outs or if Glaus would have been in scoring position, but Cox burned a position player for no reason, when he substituted for Troy Glaus.

You knew Glaus and Hanson were not good fits for the Braves, when both of them showed up Yunel Escobar on the field. Since then, Tommy Hansonhas struggled even worse and Glaus continues to drop simple balls at first base. Bobby Cox for some reason has no problems with Chipper Jones and Troy Glausnot hustling. I realize Glaus is slow, but this is still no excuse for not hustling. He gets away with slow jogs and Chipper couldn’t even advance on a drop fly ball in the outfield with 2 outs in the inning today. In that same inning, Jason Heyward went from 1st base to 3rd base on a ball that was hit to left field and less than 2 outs, so he had to make sure the ball wasn’t caught. Chipper goes from 1st base to 2nd base on a Matt Diaz fly ball, that got dropped, and there were two outs, so Chipper Jones could start running at the crack of the bat. Joe Simpson took it real easy on Chipper and only said he should have ran harder (one time). Then soon after that, he mentions Yunel Escobar is 8 for 17 with the Toronto Blue Jays and has 2 home runs. One Escobar home run is a grand slam, but no reason to tell fans about that, right Joe? If you’re keeping score at home; the Escobar/Gonzalez combination for the the Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays is 19 home runs for the Blue Jays and 0 home runs for the Braves. I guess Toronto just has better coaches with shortstops and they know how to motivate them better than the head coach for the Atlanta Braves can.

Chemistry is very important to the Atlanta ball club, since they don’t have the best National League players on their team. Hopefully the Braves can swing a deal for Roy Oswalt and move Troy Glaus and Tommy Hanson before the deadline. Keeping these two guys on the Braves team, will only come back to haunt them later. I think Freeman can step in and play first base now for the Braves. Perhaps Glaus and Hanson will be an attractive offer to a team that can get rid of a solid starting pitcher. I know fans would show up more for the games Oswalt would be pitching; than the games Tommy Hanson is toeing the rubber for the Bravos.  

As a Braves fan, would you like to see a rookie first baseman who is tearing it up in the minors replace Troy Glaus, if you could get Roy Oswalt to take Tommy Hanson’s place in the rotation? We will need Oswalt’s arm in the post season, as the Braves are looking good for a wild card spot in 2010. I know they have the biggest lead in the Majors right now for any divisional leader, but let’s not forget Bobby Cox is in charge and Chipper Jones who can’t hit or run continues to anchor the 3rd spot in the line up.

Did you know the struggling Troy Glaus has over 60 runs batted in, compared to the 30 runs batted in for Chipper Jones? Did you know that Martin Prado has led the National League in hits for most of the year and Chipper gets to bat a lot with him or a runner on base? Did you know that Prado has over 40 runs batted in from the lead off position and Chipper is double digits away from him? How sad is Chipper Jones as the number 3 hitter in the order? He hit .260 last year and is currently lower than that! Folks the season is not early either. We are talking about games after the all star break here and it’s late July and our number 3 hitter has been hitting about .258 over the past season and a half? Time to move Chipper down, so our good hitters can get more at-bats. Favoritism rules in Atlanta and that’s why the Toronto Blue Jays has a great shortstop and we have downgraded at that position; even though Joe Simpson can “just watch Gonzalez making throws to 2nd base for hours and hours“. Yep, that’s the type of brain washing in the ATL, but the real fans know the deal.

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Modern Day Pick Pockets a Real Concern

You know what a pickpocketer is, right? Someone who slowly takes a wallet out of your pants pocket or use their gentle touch to swipe something from inside a purse. Well the modern day pickpocketer doesn’t even have to touch you, to steal your most valuable things. Seems kinda hard to believe, right? Well hi tech pickpocketing is NOT something we have to worry about for tomorrow. This crime is being comitted today! Someone yesterday had their private information stolen and will not know about it for a few days, a few weeks, or it might be months later, before the criminal decides to use this stolen information from you. Watch this video below, so you can see how this modern day crime is working and how we can protect our self.

RFID Credit Card Skimming
YouTube Preview Image

Scary video isn’t it?

Well let’s stop these modern day thiefs. These crimes can cost us a lot of money and time to restore our good credit. We can take some simple steps and protect our most private and sensitive information. These shielded wallets and credit card sleeves doon’t look that expensive and can protect us from these pick-pocketers; who walk around the busy shopping malls, airports, or attempt to steal our information on a crowded train or subway ride. They simply walk by you and can record information from something like a credit card strip on your credit card. This is something we can prevent 100 percent! Don’t think it can’t happen to you or these modern day thieves are years away. They are already making their rounds now and as long as they are getting lucky, they will continue to prey on the innocent and hard working citiznes of this country. Let’s stop them by protecting our credit cards and other things that have this strip of information about us. The thief does need to walk closely by us, to get this information. So keep your eyes open wide for any strange behaviors or unusual walking patterns.

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