USA Hockey in Vancouver

USA Hockey 2010

I’m looking forward to seeing the men play in Canada for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The USA Men’s Team will get things started on Tuesday and they will play two more games for the week too. I quickly looked at the schedule and it looks like Switzerland and Norway will be the two first opponents, but the big game for the men’s hockey team will be next Sunday on February 21st. This will be the day where they will get to play the host country and Canada is pretty good at hockey from what I hear.

Canada .vs. USA in Men’s Hockey – Sunday Feb. 21st

Yep, that is the big match up for the men’s team. They will have to do a little skating before they get to play the Canadians on the Ice. I don’t think Norway or Switzerland will be easy games and they will need to focus one game atta time. Things will get started this Tuesday and that’s Feb. 15th on the calendar. This will be the first chance we get to see the Americans in hockey, so I’m looking forward to their first game.

Now the team to beat overall in Vancouver will be the Russian Hockey Team. Russia has 16 NHL players on their team and they will be the favorites to win gold in Canada this year. The USA Team and Team Canada are in a different pool, so neither one of the North American countries will have to face Russia in the early rounds. I will be rooting for Canada too in the 2010 Games in Vancouver. I will also be rooting for the hockey team that is playing against the Russians in hockey. I don’t want to see Russia win gold and hopefully Canada or the hockey team from the USA will have what it takes to send the Russians back home with their tail between their legs. Go USA!

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Difficult Moving Trips

A cross country moving trip is a little better than it was 100 years ago. There are professional movers that can help these new home owners make the long distant moving trips easier. I would highly recommend using one of these long distance moving companies to pack away your things neatly and drive across country with you; if your family ever does have to make this trip. It’s something we only want to do one time in our lives, so make sure you know what you’re doing, before you make that move across country.

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Personalize your customers experience with posters

When it comes to conducting business, there are a lot of things a big business will need as much as the small business or individual business-minded person. One of the first things to come to mind is advertising. No matter how big or how small your business is, there is always a need for advertising. If you don’t advertise, you don’t have no customers, and without customers, you don’t have a business. It really is as simple as that. Choosing how to advertise or where to advertise, is what usually separates the big boys from the smaller business groups. That is why having something as simple as customized business holiday cards and posters can make a good impression and provide a great reminder for your customers.

Another common trait a small business shares with a big business firm, is a printing structure. A way to mass produce their company’s advertising ideas or to alert others about upcoming specials, events, or employment opportunities. Some companies or individuals who work by their self will visit public printing companies to handle all of their printing needs. Now with computers and the Internet, some are starting to see the value in using a online printing service. It is usually a lot faster and more convenient too. I noticed the quality of online printing is just as good, if not better, than the companies you have to visit in person, to get your printing needs done. If you currently rely on mass printing to keep your home business or a small business alive then check out UPrinting poster printing solutions for great pricing and super quick turnaround. Be sure to check around and see if you can use the print companies online, to take over your current printing system.

Here’s a cool little video on turnaround time on your printing online business cards and posters order: Imagine getting a 1-3 day turnaround to help in a quick marketing campaign or conference show where you need to have immediate impact.

YouTube Preview Image

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The Gold Search Continues…


I still continue to comb the mountains of North Georgia for gold. I know there is a lot of gold out there that is still undiscovered and I plan to find some of it. It’s been hard with the cold winter conditions we have been having lately. We don’t typically see these brutal cold temperatures, especially since global warming or climate change has been going on.

Why do I hunt for gold? Well I really don’t. I never had an interest in it in the past. Since the price of gold has soared to more than 1000 dollars for an ounce of this shinny metal, it has made me take an interest in finding gold. I’m sure this was the case 150 years ago that drove so many people to look for gold. Back then, when someone found gold in a new area a gold rush would begin. A gold rush is exactly what it sounds like. A lot of people rushing to find gold.

We have a nice gold belt in North Georgia, so I have plenty of places to look for gold. My home is in that gold belt and I have never searched for gold on my own property. The rules have changed now with gold soaring to all new highs in recent months. The experts believe gold prices will continue to go up for the next 1 to 2 years, so I guess my interest in finding gold will continue to increase too. I just need for Old Man Winter to let up some, so I can get out there and search around the rivers and creeks that flow through North Georgia. If you live in North Georgia and know of good places to pan for gold; then please let me know some of these places. I am quickly trying to learn the best places to search and what signs to look for, before I even break the first piece of ground looking for gold.

I currently don’t own a gold pan or a sluice box. Two tools that all gold miners need. I will have to squeeze these prospecting tools into my budget; when I get a little extra cash in my pockets. A gold sluice box is an important tool and makes looking for gold a lot more easier. You can shovel a lot of material through a sluice box and find what your looking for that way. So for now, my search for gold continues…

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RV Insurance: Pricey or Priceless?

We all complain about insurance, until we need it; then we are glad our payments are up-to-date. A lot like the spare tire we have in the trunk. It spends most of the time getting in our way, but if we ever have a flat, we hope that tire in the trunk is in perfect shape. Your beautiful and expensive recreational vehicles need a good insurance policy and RV drivers can just call this their 5th wheel insurance. If an RV ever needs to make an insurance claim from an accident or something awful happens, their policies are much more valuable than the spare tire in the trunk.

It may be a little pricey to buy a good plan online or in your hometown. RV insurance does come with a little higher rate than the average car or truck owner has to spend on their auto insurance. There really isn’t a lot of corners RV owners will want to cut; when they decide to get their first insurance plan for their recreational vehicle. Paying a little extra now and each month will make your policy priceless; in case you are ever in an accident or have some other roadside breakdown. It’s not easy finding a tow truck for recreational vehicles, but a good insurance company will have you covered!

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Take advantage of Social Search Marketing


facebookRemember to use these sites wisely and not to spam your contacts. These sites can help create valuable contacts and create a a new and wider audience to come to your blog or website. Use offline medium as well such as shirts and hats that you hand out that have your brand and website on them. Finding a screen-printing company online like can help you customize your layout and make sure that it aligns with your brand message. How cool would it be to have a shirt with your website and a big bird stating ” So Tweet” It would create the curiosity to go the web and find your site or your profile on Twitter.

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Homemade Acne Solutions

No matter what it is or what we want, it seems like there is always a homemade version. We see this a lot with medicines and there are all kinds of homemade remedies available for various illnesses. Some of these homemade solutions work and some of them don’t. I was curious to see if there were any homemade acne solutions. I have ran across a lot of medical solutions that were homemade. Most of these creations were developed in the early years of American life. There wasn’t a lot of money; nor the medical technology we have today. People were forced to create some of these home remedies to cure rashes and various sicknesses. I don’t recall ever seeing one for acne. If you could please share any homemade remedies for acne, then that would be great! We could compare some of these homemade acne cures to the ones we can buy in stores. Those that suffer from mild cases of acne could probably benefit from the home remedies; while those with more severe cases may just want to dish out the money and buy the well-known products in the drug store.

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Computers Helping with Family Entertainment

Each family uses the computer in a different way. Most families like to share pictures online and will send them through emails or create websites to display them on. The modern family albums have came online and are not found in a book anymore. I have seen some cool screen savers that will take family photos and randomly display them on the family computer for everyone to see. It’s great when guests come over and they can look through a variety of family pictures from a computer screen that is randomly showing them. There are also programs online available for people who want to create their own slide shows. If you know how to upload a picture to your computer, you could create a slide show for your family. You could choose to display pictures of the whole family or just pick a special event to have a specific slide show. Perhaps you have a lot of photos from a family reunion or a summer vacation you took recently. You could make a slide show and only include pictures from that one day family reunion or the pictures you took for an entire week; while on a family vacation. A slide show or a screen saver is just one of the many ways people are using their computers for family entertainment.

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The Missing Restaurants of Canton, GA

Well it’s been about 25 years ago when game lovers had Pac Man and Canton, GA had a Burger Chief. Today both are missed very much and I wish I had both right now. The regular arcade game of PacMan is hard to almost impossible to find now. The square meat which was a part of every hamburger at the Burger Chief is impossible to find now. I know we have a few Wendy’s restaurants in Canton now and they offer the unique square shape meat on their burgers, but it’s not even close to the great taste of Burger Chief’s hamburgers.

I remember leaving my elementary school on Glenwood Road in Canton and grabbing a Burger Chief hamburger and some of those great roasted potatoes; which were 2nd to none. It’s hard to find any hamburgers that match up to the ones Burger Chief use to serve. The old Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Canton, located next to the old Howell’s Drive-In at the Highway 5 and Univeter Road 4 way, use to serve some good potato wedges. A few years later and after they moved to their present day location, across from the K-Mart in Canton, their potato wedges changed. They even got worse in recent years, once trans gram fats have been outlawed and can’t be served in public restaurants any longer. If you want something that is close to the taste of those good ol’ roasted potatoes from the Burger Chief, you can try the BP in Waleska, located next to Reinhardt College. The convenience store there, that serves British Petroleum (BP) gasoline, has breakfast and lunch items customers can order up. Their fried chicken isn’t bad, the store-bought rolls they use up there I actually like, and a few more things you can pick up at the BP in Waleska, GA. Their potato wedges are probably the highlight on the menu for me. In my opinion,  I would rank the taters being cooked in Waleska, as better than those being cooked by the Colonel Sanders employees of the Canton Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I know things might be different if you was still around Harland buddy. I know me and you shared some good meals together and the chickens of yesterday (steroid and chemical free), your 11 secret herbs and spices, and a few of those trans gram fats made chicken finger lickin’ good! Too bad the Kentucky Fried Chicken of today is a new restaurant serving new chicken under the KFC or Kitchen’s Finest Chicken label. Even the folks who hold high positions in the KFC company today, got this crazy idea, that they would spend millions in advertising to promote their new grilled chicken and make them a healthier choice restaurant for today. That bright idea is now in reverse as franchise owners are taking these corporate goof balls to court, for hurting their store’s sales, over this grilled promotion ads.

For those who have lived in Canton for as long as I have, it is nice to see some things staying the same. A restaurant that started back in 1972 and currently holds the title of Canton’s longest running restaurant is still around. If you would like to eat in Canton, Georgia’s oldest restaurant, just hop on Main Street from the North Canton Red Light, go over the Etowah River, then the train tracks, and proceed up the hill. Before you get to the red light in the center of downtown Canton, look over to your right, and you will see the R&M Hoagie Shop. They serve a variety of delicious sandwiches and even have spicy fries; which you want find that at Subway, Quizmos, or the Publix Deli. If you never ate at the Hoagie Shop in Canton, I would recommend the Steak & Mushroom sandwich. It’s pretty much the only thing I order, when I go in there now.

Other historic restaurants in Canton, continue to serve to the residents living in North Georgia. While the Georgian Hills Restaurant is no longer located by Canton Motor Sales and the Highway 5 and Highway 205 red light, you can still get a warm lunch from them. Over at the Sandy Hook Shopping Center, where you use to have the Yamaha Shop and Otasco’s, you can find the Georgian Hills Restaurant there. I really like their club burger. It’s basically a BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), but they add hamburger meat and cheese to it and it’s really good.  I haven’t tried their seafood Fridays yet, but a couple of people have spoke kinds words about it.

Now behind the old Georgian Hills Restaurant location, you have the Basket Shack. Be sure to show up before 2:30 in the afternoons, because this is their closing time. They serve a big old fashion hamburger that is really good and I also like the battered fries. You really know this is one of Canton’s oldest restaurants; when you first walk-in, because the tables, chairs, and furniture is still all original stuff.

I appreciate the fact, Canton has been able to retain some of its historic restaurants. Now I wish we could work on bringing a few of them back. Obviously I would have to start with the Burger Chief and that would be number 1 on my list probably. If you live in Canton currently or grew up here for most of your life, then please help me to form a list of restaurants; which we no longer have now, but would be nice to bring them back. Here are a few of the restaurants I would welcome back with open arms in Canton, GA:

*Del Taco – Best beef burrito Canton has ever had and you could order french fries here too! Last known location was close to Town Center Mall, just off of Chastain Road. I don’t know where any Del Taco restaurants are now. I would put this one right up there with Burger Chief. In Canton, you could find Del Taco at the Krystal’s current location.

*Western Steer Steakhouse– Remember this place for great steaks? They had steaks better than Longhorns and their toasted bread was really good too. They use to be located next to K-Mart and the folks from Williamsons Brothers Restaurant currently occupy the old Western Steer Steakhouse in Canton.

*Church’s or Popeye’s Chicken Restaurant– Both of these are similar in taste. We now see a lot of TV commercials for Popeyes Chicken, but we don’t have one in Canton right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Popeye’s in the Canton area before the 2014 year. I can’t recall Popeyes ever being here, but Church’s Chicken was located across the street from Johnny’s Store (one Johnny Tatum use to run) and in that little shopping strip where our first Subway restaurant was located in Canton. The shopping center where Ingles is currently located and I believe the old Church’s Chicken location is now some type of Mexican business.

*Shoneys Restaurant– Not sure why this one ever left. I like a lot of things about Shoneys. Great salad bar, affordable buffet with lots of good choices, and they made great hamburgers. Use to be in North Canton, where you can find Donnie’s Restaurant today. Donnie’s is good eating and one of those $6.50 buffets, for all of those good homegrown vegetables you can eat. As for Shoney’s, luckily you can take a 30 minute drive down Highway 20 going West to Cartersville, Georgia. Just after you pass under the I-75 Interstate, go about 1/10th of a mile and sitting on top of a hill, on the left side of Highway 20, is a Shoneys Restaurant.

*Long John Silvers– A nice alternative to Captain D’s Restaurant. Use to be located in the K-Mart Shopping Center and directly across the road from where Taco Bell and KFC are currently located. The building now occupies a Cuban or Havanna-style restaurant. Good fish and good tea is what I remember most about John’s restaurant. Go north into Jasper, Georgia and you can find a LJS up there, if you really get to craving their food.

*Checkers Restaurant– You can go to Woodstock or Cartersville to eat here, but would prefer to save gas on driving. The Checker’s restaurant was located at one of the 4 corners of the North Canton Red Light. The Wal-Green’s Pharmacy is now located in the old space Checkers took up; while serving burgers and those spicy fries in Canton.

*Pizza Box – Oh how I loved this little pizza place. These guys were officially the first restaurant in Canton, who delivered their food. The Pizza Box delivery. Kids who can’t drive and want to go out to eat, this was the answer when I was growing up. These guys were located over there in that strip mall where the first Subway and Little Caesars Pizza would later come in, after the Pizza Box was gone. Little Caesars would eventually leave, but now they are back and pretty close to the exact same spot, when they first left Canton. The Pizza Box was a poor man’s Johnny’s NY Style Pizza. If you haven’t tried Johnny’s NY Style Pizza in Canton, but remember the pizzas from the Pizza Box. Go eat at Johnny’s some day, it is an upgrade, like the Pizza Box made an improvement to their delivered pizza.

*Captain Billy’s Seafood Restaurant– This one wasn’t open for too long, so most of you probably don’t remember this one. We was eating at Captain Billy’s on the Square in Marietta, before it ever came to Canton. Then it moved to Canton for a short time period and left. The Captain Billy’s next to the railroad tracks in Marietta, on the town square is still in operation and doing business today. The Captain Billy’s in Canton was located in Downtown Canton and it was where the Super D use to be. I know most will remember the Super D Store. I can still smell the fresh popcorn cooking at Super D’s and seeing the fish swim around in aquariums. Kids in Canton during those early to mid 1980’s, always loved to visit 3 places. The Super D’s Store, the downstairs toy store in Kesslers, and McCroy’s over there next to McFarlands and where Badcock Furniture is currently located.

*Tab’s Place – Use to be located in the Ingles Shopping Center, but at the other end of the strip mall. Tab’s Place featured many good foods like pizza, hot wings, lasagna, and those big ol’ dog bone breadsticks; which was a Tab’s Place favorite. What made Tab’s so different, was you finally had a delivery service in Canton that would deliver a plate of spaghetti or just a hamburger and french fries. The delivery range was quite large. As a former delivery driver there, I would carry food past the old Country Cupboard in Ball Ground; while coming back to Canton to pick up another delivery, which might needed to go inside the gates up at Lake Arrowhead. The jalpeno poppers and cheese sticks were better than you find at most restaurants today. I saw Tab a few years back at Hooter’s Restaurant and she did remember me. If you are still around Tab, please give a shout back to your workers and fans of the old Tab’s Place restaurant in Canton, GA.

Well that is pretty much all of the ones; which come to mind right now. I may think of more later and add them to the list. Or you can help me out and remind me of some restaurants that use to be in Canton, but have now left town or just went out of business. Any and all restaurants welcomed. The chain restaurants or the one-of-a-kind restaurants are both included in my search for The Missing Canton Restaurants.

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