Work Today for Money Tomorrow

I believe if I could go back and do things over, I would have stayed in school longer and got a better education. Not having a good education in the 21st century is just asking for trouble and in some ways it’s became a poison for me. I really can’t change my past and what’s done is done. I can only change my future and to do that effectively, I must do things now, so I can be prepared for the financial costs of tomorrow.

Trying to make money online can be challenging. To off-set the education I missed out on and the potential money I could  be earning today with a good education, I try to make up for it online. Most online programs that will pay you money; are actually just paying you to build up their member counts. This is true for about 99% of the programs online today that Internet Users sign up for, in the hopes they can be earning a sizable income online. The online programs that offer merchandise or vitamins for sale online is not the ones you want to be associated with. These programs are very difficult to promote and it’s hard to find roads; which lead to successful small business advertising for these types of programs. Pushing crappy products online is NOT the way you want to earn money in 2010.

In most cases, the people that promote these vitamins, berry juices, and other assorted products don’t have a need for these items. Chances are the people they meet online and try to get them to buy some of these products have no need for them either. It turns out we have a lot of online marketers that are all pushing horrible products and the only money they’re making, is from others that join and hope to make money too. The bottom line, if you really and truly need something, you just go to Wal Mart and buy it. Don’t fall into these programs that mask unsalable products to a consumer base that is only buying them, in the hopes they will get rich while doing it.

I have decided to take a different approach and only join programs that cut right to the chase. If you can’t tell me how to make money in the first paragraph of your proposal or make me sit through videos that show me all the ways to spend my money, but never telling me how to make it; then I will pass on your online idea for making money. I’m tired of pushing bad products on to people that don’t need them. I’m fed up with these online programs that create promotional pages that are a mile long and still offer very little information on what it is they actually want you to do. No matter what angle, direction, or road they start down, it always ends up with you bringing in new members and building up a downline to earn your money.

If you’re sick and tired of these online programs too; perhaps you can find programs online that will leave out the bull and provide you with good and direct information. Take away the vitamins and other merchandise and let’s just work with the numbers. If building a downline and bringing in new members is really the only way to make good money online; then let’s just focus on the referrals and cash we will be making.

Do a Google search for honest matrix and just join a matrix that leaves out the products and only works by the numbers. Each matrix will offer tools and things in the back office you can use to further your Internet marketing skills or provide you with more knowledge on making money online. A matrix has to offer these tools to make them legal, but you don’t have to use them. They come free with your membership fees you pay to join the matrix. A good online matrix can make you a lot of money and in a short amount of time. All you have to do is build up a downline and once you get that snowball rolling down hill, your earnings can add up real fast. If you can find just 1 active person in your downline, they can help you fill out your matrix levels real easy. This allows you more time to spend and promote other online programs that you can earn money from too.

Before you start throwing your money at any old matrix, try to search for popular ones or ones that have a good reputation for paying their members. I have found an honest matrix that has paid me a couple of times already and I am making good money with it. You just pay a one-time cost of $11 for this matrix and after you get 2 levels full (2 X 4 or 6 people), you will get your first payment via Alert Pay. The 2nd time you cycle through, you gain entry into 2 matrix levels then. Another bronze matrix for a future cash payment and a silver matrix that will pay out more than the bronze matrix levels do. The great part about this matrix is that you do get members in your downline from spillovers and spillunders. This helps to speed up the process with getting your matrix filled. I have several folks in my current downline that are active, so it’s like we are a team now and we help each other to get new referrals for our matrix.

Once you pay your 11 bucks, you’re a member for life. Even if you join and don’t like it and you make the decision to not promote it anymore. Your matrix stays active and your upline may start filling up spots and you not even know it. You will learn about it later; when that first $30 payment shows up in your Alert Pay account. After that first payment gets paid, is usually when people start to get excited about it and will start promoting it much more then. You can help yourself out, if you will promote it and build up an active downline and this will come in handy as you advance into the higher payout levels with this specific matrix.

In order for us to have money tomorrow or in the future, we must put in the work now. You can sign up and start promoting today! An active and honest matrix will create more buzz on the Net and these are the ones that usually cycle through quicker. So if you do decide to join a good matrix online today, keep 2 things in mind. Try to find a popular matrix and an honest matrix and these two ingredients will work well for earning real money online. No need to push any products or worthless merchandise on anyone. A matrix cuts straight to the chase and anyone can join a matrix and earn money from it. It’s easy to understand and easy to see how each person makes money and why it’s worth promoting it online. If you decide to pass on this money making opportunity, just go ahead and save this blog post to your favorites. Try to finish the road you have started down with the current things you’re promoting online and when that fails; you can always come back here and get a fresh, new start on a way to really make money online.

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Beaver Dam Visible from Space

Did you know the world’s largest beaver dam is visible from outer space? This is true! A recent discovery a couple of years back in 2007; when environmental scientist Jean Thie discovered the beaver dam on satellite images. Unfortunately the picture here is not of the world’s biggest beaver dam in Canada. This is actually a picture of the largest dam constructed by man. You can find this dam in China and this is the Three Gorges Dam or 3 Gorges Dam in China. It stretches a little longer than the 850 meter dam in Canada; which was built by a few generations of beavers.

These fury little creatures we know as beavers are excellent builders. They can put a lot of hard work into gnawing down trees and limbs and constructing some of the coolest homes you would ever see. From land, these beaver homes look like a pile of trees a logger has left behind. Normally when you see a pile of trees along a river’s edge, there is a good chance the beaver put them there. You can’t access the beaver home from land. This is why these animals are so smart. No land animals or humans would have an easy time entering a beaver home. Normally you would have to dive under the water to gain entry into the beaver’s home. In most cases, you would find these beaver homes very roomy and quiet spacious. I would like to go inside one of these beaver homes, but I would prefer to go when the beaver wasn’t at home. A beaver can defend itself well enough and especially when someone has entered their living quarters.

World’s Largest Beaver Dam in Alberta, Canada

Now this really is a picture of the biggest beaver dam in the world. It’s amazing to know that this little animal that roams in many parts of North America, could build something that could be seen from outer space. Do you think beavers have contact with life on other planets or they know about something out there we don’t? However you want to look at it, this gives a whole new meaning to the term “eager beaver“.

I believe things have changed now, but at one time, the Great Wall of China was the only man-made object viewable from space. Now the beavers have created a structure that can be seen by our satellites orbiting in space around the Earth.

It’s believed several generations of beavers created this huge beaver dam in Alberta, Canada. The estimates right now; show the first beavers probably started constructing this dam back in the mid 1970’s. Don’t ask me how they know this, but this is what the so called experts are saying. So if this is true, we are looking at craftsmanship; which dates back about 35 years. In the near future, the overall work will be about 4 decades and that’s a very long time for any animal to be working on their home. I guess the fishing is good in this part of Canada and the number of predators must be low, for all these generations of beavers to achieve something on this scale. After hearing and reading about this story today, I have a whole new respect for the beaver.


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Finding your news

In the ever growing world of YouTube, more people are using them as a central source to get all their media coverage, or missed episodes of some of their daily shows. This brings into question, of when the Big networks and media companies will start enforcing their rights of protected content. The NFL, which their are 1000’s of clips from NFL games, expressly states that no part of any of their broadcast may be reproduced without the written permission of the NFL. Will YouTube become the next Tivo? Is YouTube already being used as a verb similiar to Google?

Now that Google has purchased the company for $ billion dollars, it will be interesting to follow the developments over the next 6-8 months, as the larger media companies come calling about their content being displayed, outside of their control.

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Longer Eyelashes for Women

A lot of cosmetic products out there today. I think women want to grow their eye lashes longer than men do. For those women, who would like a little help with their eye lashes, can click here for a product that promises to work. This is a brand new blog, which will be up and running soon. It will list a product for those eyelashes; which women like to have long these days. I was actually born with long eye lashes. I am a man, so I don’t really care to have them. I know a lot of girls and women, have gave me good comments on my eyelashes. They always say “I love your eye lashes, I wish mine was that long“. I don’t really know what the fascination with eyelashes or even eye brows for that matter. I rarely look at another person’s eye hair that closely. I guess if the eyelashes were long enough, they would stick out.

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Friday Night 80s on the Radio

The Friday Night 80’s was a big hit in my area; when they did this about 10 years ago. That radio station doesn’t do it anymore, but luckily another radio station picked up the slack. They started their own version of Friday Night 80’s songs. Instead of just playing the 1980’s decade of music on Friday nights, they will play the 80’s all weekend long. I love listening to some of these 80’s songs on my own home speakers. I grew up in this decade, so these songs mean a lot more to me, than the other songs from other generations. I guess it just depends on the decade you grew up in. I do know of some younger people, who like my taste in the 80’s era in music. So maybe this was just a golden time for rock-n-roll and there really was a lot of good songs out during this time frame. I hope the local radio station here will add some new songs and quit playing the same 80’s songs over and over. Once you listen to it every weekend, like I always do, you start to see patterns in their song selections. Change it up some and keep the songs fresh!

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The Missing Restaurants of Canton, GA

Well it’s been about 25 years ago when game lovers had Pac Man and Canton, GA had a Burger Chief. Today both are missed very much and I wish I had both right now. The regular arcade game of PacMan is hard to almost impossible to find now. The square meat which was a part of every hamburger at the Burger Chief is impossible to find now. I know we have a few Wendy’s restaurants in Canton now and they offer the unique square shape meat on their burgers, but it’s not even close to the great taste of Burger Chief’s hamburgers.

I remember leaving my elementary school on Glenwood Road in Canton and grabbing a Burger Chief hamburger and some of those great roasted potatoes; which were 2nd to none. It’s hard to find any hamburgers that match up to the ones Burger Chief use to serve. The old Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Canton, located next to the old Howell’s Drive-In at the Highway 5 and Univeter Road 4 way, use to serve some good potato wedges. A few years later and after they moved to their present day location, across from the K-Mart in Canton, their potato wedges changed. They even got worse in recent years, once trans gram fats have been outlawed and can’t be served in public restaurants any longer. If you want something that is close to the taste of those good ol’ roasted potatoes from the Burger Chief, you can try the BP in Waleska, located next to Reinhardt College. The convenience store there, that serves British Petroleum (BP) gasoline, has breakfast and lunch items customers can order up. Their fried chicken isn’t bad, the store-bought rolls they use up there I actually like, and a few more things you can pick up at the BP in Waleska, GA. Their potato wedges are probably the highlight on the menu for me. In my opinion,  I would rank the taters being cooked in Waleska, as better than those being cooked by the Colonel Sanders employees of the Canton Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I know things might be different if you was still around Harland buddy. I know me and you shared some good meals together and the chickens of yesterday (steroid and chemical free), your 11 secret herbs and spices, and a few of those trans gram fats made chicken finger lickin’ good! Too bad the Kentucky Fried Chicken of today is a new restaurant serving new chicken under the KFC or Kitchen’s Finest Chicken label. Even the folks who hold high positions in the KFC company today, got this crazy idea, that they would spend millions in advertising to promote their new grilled chicken and make them a healthier choice restaurant for today. That bright idea is now in reverse as franchise owners are taking these corporate goof balls to court, for hurting their store’s sales, over this grilled promotion ads.

For those who have lived in Canton for as long as I have, it is nice to see some things staying the same. A restaurant that started back in 1972 and currently holds the title of Canton’s longest running restaurant is still around. If you would like to eat in Canton, Georgia’s oldest restaurant, just hop on Main Street from the North Canton Red Light, go over the Etowah River, then the train tracks, and proceed up the hill. Before you get to the red light in the center of downtown Canton, look over to your right, and you will see the R&M Hoagie Shop. They serve a variety of delicious sandwiches and even have spicy fries; which you want find that at Subway, Quizmos, or the Publix Deli. If you never ate at the Hoagie Shop in Canton, I would recommend the Steak & Mushroom sandwich. It’s pretty much the only thing I order, when I go in there now.

Other historic restaurants in Canton, continue to serve to the residents living in North Georgia. While the Georgian Hills Restaurant is no longer located by Canton Motor Sales and the Highway 5 and Highway 205 red light, you can still get a warm lunch from them. Over at the Sandy Hook Shopping Center, where you use to have the Yamaha Shop and Otasco’s, you can find the Georgian Hills Restaurant there. I really like their club burger. It’s basically a BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), but they add hamburger meat and cheese to it and it’s really good.  I haven’t tried their seafood Fridays yet, but a couple of people have spoke kinds words about it.

Now behind the old Georgian Hills Restaurant location, you have the Basket Shack. Be sure to show up before 2:30 in the afternoons, because this is their closing time. They serve a big old fashion hamburger that is really good and I also like the battered fries. You really know this is one of Canton’s oldest restaurants; when you first walk-in, because the tables, chairs, and furniture is still all original stuff.

I appreciate the fact, Canton has been able to retain some of its historic restaurants. Now I wish we could work on bringing a few of them back. Obviously I would have to start with the Burger Chief and that would be number 1 on my list probably. If you live in Canton currently or grew up here for most of your life, then please help me to form a list of restaurants; which we no longer have now, but would be nice to bring them back. Here are a few of the restaurants I would welcome back with open arms in Canton, GA:

*Del Taco – Best beef burrito Canton has ever had and you could order french fries here too! Last known location was close to Town Center Mall, just off of Chastain Road. I don’t know where any Del Taco restaurants are now. I would put this one right up there with Burger Chief. In Canton, you could find Del Taco at the Krystal’s current location.

*Western Steer Steakhouse– Remember this place for great steaks? They had steaks better than Longhorns and their toasted bread was really good too. They use to be located next to K-Mart and the folks from Williamsons Brothers Restaurant currently occupy the old Western Steer Steakhouse in Canton.

*Church’s or Popeye’s Chicken Restaurant– Both of these are similar in taste. We now see a lot of TV commercials for Popeyes Chicken, but we don’t have one in Canton right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Popeye’s in the Canton area before the 2014 year. I can’t recall Popeyes ever being here, but Church’s Chicken was located across the street from Johnny’s Store (one Johnny Tatum use to run) and in that little shopping strip where our first Subway restaurant was located in Canton. The shopping center where Ingles is currently located and I believe the old Church’s Chicken location is now some type of Mexican business.

*Shoneys Restaurant– Not sure why this one ever left. I like a lot of things about Shoneys. Great salad bar, affordable buffet with lots of good choices, and they made great hamburgers. Use to be in North Canton, where you can find Donnie’s Restaurant today. Donnie’s is good eating and one of those $6.50 buffets, for all of those good homegrown vegetables you can eat. As for Shoney’s, luckily you can take a 30 minute drive down Highway 20 going West to Cartersville, Georgia. Just after you pass under the I-75 Interstate, go about 1/10th of a mile and sitting on top of a hill, on the left side of Highway 20, is a Shoneys Restaurant.

*Long John Silvers– A nice alternative to Captain D’s Restaurant. Use to be located in the K-Mart Shopping Center and directly across the road from where Taco Bell and KFC are currently located. The building now occupies a Cuban or Havanna-style restaurant. Good fish and good tea is what I remember most about John’s restaurant. Go north into Jasper, Georgia and you can find a LJS up there, if you really get to craving their food.

*Checkers Restaurant– You can go to Woodstock or Cartersville to eat here, but would prefer to save gas on driving. The Checker’s restaurant was located at one of the 4 corners of the North Canton Red Light. The Wal-Green’s Pharmacy is now located in the old space Checkers took up; while serving burgers and those spicy fries in Canton.

*Pizza Box – Oh how I loved this little pizza place. These guys were officially the first restaurant in Canton, who delivered their food. The Pizza Box delivery. Kids who can’t drive and want to go out to eat, this was the answer when I was growing up. These guys were located over there in that strip mall where the first Subway and Little Caesars Pizza would later come in, after the Pizza Box was gone. Little Caesars would eventually leave, but now they are back and pretty close to the exact same spot, when they first left Canton. The Pizza Box was a poor man’s Johnny’s NY Style Pizza. If you haven’t tried Johnny’s NY Style Pizza in Canton, but remember the pizzas from the Pizza Box. Go eat at Johnny’s some day, it is an upgrade, like the Pizza Box made an improvement to their delivered pizza.

*Captain Billy’s Seafood Restaurant– This one wasn’t open for too long, so most of you probably don’t remember this one. We was eating at Captain Billy’s on the Square in Marietta, before it ever came to Canton. Then it moved to Canton for a short time period and left. The Captain Billy’s next to the railroad tracks in Marietta, on the town square is still in operation and doing business today. The Captain Billy’s in Canton was located in Downtown Canton and it was where the Super D use to be. I know most will remember the Super D Store. I can still smell the fresh popcorn cooking at Super D’s and seeing the fish swim around in aquariums. Kids in Canton during those early to mid 1980’s, always loved to visit 3 places. The Super D’s Store, the downstairs toy store in Kesslers, and McCroy’s over there next to McFarlands and where Badcock Furniture is currently located.

*Tab’s Place – Use to be located in the Ingles Shopping Center, but at the other end of the strip mall. Tab’s Place featured many good foods like pizza, hot wings, lasagna, and those big ol’ dog bone breadsticks; which was a Tab’s Place favorite. What made Tab’s so different, was you finally had a delivery service in Canton that would deliver a plate of spaghetti or just a hamburger and french fries. The delivery range was quite large. As a former delivery driver there, I would carry food past the old Country Cupboard in Ball Ground; while coming back to Canton to pick up another delivery, which might needed to go inside the gates up at Lake Arrowhead. The jalpeno poppers and cheese sticks were better than you find at most restaurants today. I saw Tab a few years back at Hooter’s Restaurant and she did remember me. If you are still around Tab, please give a shout back to your workers and fans of the old Tab’s Place restaurant in Canton, GA.

Well that is pretty much all of the ones; which come to mind right now. I may think of more later and add them to the list. Or you can help me out and remind me of some restaurants that use to be in Canton, but have now left town or just went out of business. Any and all restaurants welcomed. The chain restaurants or the one-of-a-kind restaurants are both included in my search for The Missing Canton Restaurants.

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Working on Cars Indoors

I think working on our automobiles is much better inside. I don’t mean taking the car or the motor in the house. It is a good idea to take it to the garage for any tune ups or repairs you would like to do. The garage gives you good lighting during the day or night. Another thing is the dust and dirt factors. Dirt is your car engine’s number 1 enemy. If you can keep the oil changed regularly and keep dirt away from the engine, your car will last you a long time. Dropping a car part on the garage floor is not that big of a deal; compared to dropping it on the ground. This is just asking for trouble, if you let parts from inside your engine get on the ground outdoors. I believe you and everyone else would be a lot better off, if you take the car inside to be worked on. Even a simple oil change can collect a lot of unwanted dirt and dust inside your motor. Just drive the car in your carport or the garage, for those oil changes or any other engine repairs that need to be made.

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The Legend of Waffle House Politics

Well, like they always say “what happens at the Waffle House stays at the Waffle House“. Or is that what they say about Vegas? Either way, it is true and it works like this at the Waffle House too. A place that stays open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is bound to have a few stories to tell. These guys are even open on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, so they are truly a 24 hour operation that runs 365 and 1/4 days a year.

I have seen and heard my own share of Waffle House stories. I have been a frequent customer to this famous Georgia restaurant for many years now. I have spent a lot of late nights here or early mornings; however you want to look at it. You may have ate at a few different Waffle House locations over the years, but if you haven’t been there after the sun goes down, you’re missing a lot of these late night stories that get told at the House. This is a common place for drunks to show up, after the bars close at 2 and 3 a.m. in the wee morning hours.

The House is famous for serving breakfast foods or lunch foods anytime during the day or night time hours. Just as famous as they’re for offering food to customers, the customers have been just as nice offering their self to Waffle House waitresses. It doesn’t matter if the men are married or not. They don’t mind striking up a friendly conversation with some of these waitresses, who work at the House on the graveyard shift. Yep, it’s the graveyard shift is where WH Legends get made and I have seen my share of them. If you think the big stories are a few drunk men hitting on a few over worked waitresses; then you have no idea to the real W.H. Stories I am referring to.

Just like the hash browns that get scattered, covered, and smothered on a hot stove top at the House, so does the American population. Have you ever saw or thought of America just being a big melting pot for a lot of different foreigners? It’s the same way the hashbrowns that get made through out the day and night at the Waffle House. A lot of melting going on and with a lot of different ingredients or toppings, you wouldn’t normally associate with hash browns or America.

When I say “WH” in this blog post, you knew I meant the Waffle House for those two initials. It is also the same two letters that stand for the White House in Washington, D.C.. They both use the “H” for the word house; while only the first word is different. You might think the Waffle House and White House are about as far apart as two things can get, but you would be surprised just how much alike they truly are. All the White House is in Washington, D.C. is a bunch of waffles who take the American taxpayer’s money. While the other spends 24 hours a day serving up white waffles. The White House and Waffle House do cross paths and I know this, because I have seen it.

The politics that get spoken in the Waffle House are by the true Americans; who we know are drunk. While the ones in Washington have no idea what it is to be American and they try to hide the fact they’re all drunk. Our W.H. Politicians in the yellow and black neon sign locations are a lot more transparent; than the ones in D.C., who have built thick walls and gated off a very large yard in every direction.

If you turn on the TV and see politics being talked about on CNN or Fox News; then you have no idea what this country really needs or what it takes to run it. Show up at your local Waffle House and you will be flooded with true, red-blooded Americans who know what it’s like to wake up and work in this country every day. You might think you know a few politics by tuning into a political discussion on television every now and then; but you actually don’t know nothing. All you hear on TV is the politics for the upper class and the richest of the rich. The true political views for our country and the most political speeches from the heart get spoken over a waitress’s voice, who is yelling out a food order to a short-order cook.

Who do you think can run this country better? The House in the District of Columbia, who get voted in by a small portion of voters and from a pre-selected or pre-determined ballot with only a few names to choose from? Or the thousand and thousand of House locations, which have been springing up all over this country since 1955, and where every American has a voice and gets heard by the people, who truly built and keep this nation running today.

In my opinion, the men who cheat on their wives in Washington and the ones who take the tax payer’s money and never give any of it back, are a group of men, who I don’t want to sit down with and have a cup of coffee. I prefer the men who cheat on their wives in Waffle House locations and who not only pay for the amount requested by them on their food checks, but take the time to give a tip; which is a much larger portion of their salary, than the ones who wear suits and parade around the Oval Office. The House that is located off of every on-ramp and exit-ramp in the Southern part of the Country, is where I prefer to get my political news, political answers, and where I get to witness and participate in political debates; which take place 365 days a year and not just for a few weeks in October and early November.

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