Your Tv on the web

In the domain world, the dot tv could be the next big thing. Media companies are betting that new, slick made for web tv shows are the next big thing. Many shows are now allowig you to see re-runs on their web, after the show has aired. This may help attract a different audience, and keep them engaged in the show longer. This could be attractive to advertisers as they now be able to run banner ads along side the show, and not interrupt the actual show. There are a ton of possibilities. So why not search the web for your favorite .tv name and who knows you may find gold. Successful companies will learn how to capitalize on this new opportunity.

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Gray Hairs or No Hairs?

For us men, getting older is not that much fun. We do seem to age more gracefully than women, but we still have our own aging issues to work out. I believe the hair is what can make or break a man’s confidence in life. Not sure if getting gray hair is better than losing your hair, but at least the bald-look is in style these days. For those gray hairs, we do have coloring products to help and not make them look so obvious. I’m not sure what the best hair loss product currently is, but you can sure bet I will find out, before I ever begin losing any hairs. I usually keep my haircuts on the short side, so I wouldn’t look right, if I ever started to get thinning hair. I believe the hairs on top of my head will be good until I am 50; which gives me about a dozen more years of freedom.

Lately I have gotten a little lazy with the shaver. In recent months, I have noticed the gray hairs in my beard, if I don’t shave in a timely fashion each week. I don’t have to shave daily, to keep the gray hairs away. If I don’t want anyone to notice these new gray hairs, it would be wise for me to start shaving twice a week. Right now, I shave about once a week. It’s just not fun to shave. I have heard other men say this numerous times. None of us like to shave, but its just a part of being a man. I don’t know if my head will become gray or bald first, but I do know I will have to face one of these problems at some point. Hopefully before my looks go too far down the drain. I will be able to trick a pretty young lady out there, into marrying me. At least this way, I will have at least one person who doesn’t care about my gray or bald head!

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Global Warming on Vacation

I believe most people see global warming or climate change as a real thing now. Most of us have seen changes in our atmosphere to some degree over the past decade. Our winters have been very mild for years now and I wondered if we would ever see a true winter again. Well I got my answer this year! Winter is here and we feel it. While global warming and other threats to our environment remain as a real threat to our way of living; it seems we got a bit of a break this year.

Global warming may have just took a vacation this year for most of the citizens living in the United States. Most of the country has seen unusual cold temperatures this winter and that’s got to be a good sign. I’m sure the ice up north is freezing real good this year. This should help keep glaciers and other precious reserves of fresh water in place. If we can slow down the melting process of these huge glaciers, we can continue to live on planet Earth.

Obviously more needs to be done now and in the future. We are a long ways from solving our climate change problems. I was afraid we had went too far and winter would never return again to my part of the world. I’m not a big fan of cold temperatures (unless it’s snowing), but I do realize we need these long cold spells to help our planet’s health. Right now we have nice conditions, but we just came through weeks of bitter cold temperatures. Later on in the week, it’s fore-casted for these bitter cold temperatures to return. So we did get a break and now the next cold front is fast approaching. Let’s embrace these cold days, because we never know when they might end for good one day. Hopefully the homeless people in America are seeking shelter and they have been able to survive North America’s coldest winter in years.

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The Search for the Top Diet Pills

The search for the top diet pills that really work can be a tough task. There are so many different products to choose from; which one do consumers get, to help them lose more weight? A good diet plan will consist of eating low-calorie meals; while having a good exercise routine in place. You don’t have to exercise daily, but physical activity 3 or 4 times per week is a must for anyone who is on a diet. After your exercise plan has been created and you have a nutritional menu made up, you can turn to a diet pill for an extra boost. The trouble is deciding on which diet pill to choose. Do you have a product you feel is the top diet pill on the marketplace today? If so, please share your experiences and maybe we can all discover which supplements have the best chance of helping us succeed with our weight loss goals.

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Computers Helping with Family Entertainment

Each family uses the computer in a different way. Most families like to share pictures online and will send them through emails or create websites to display them on. The modern family albums have came online and are not found in a book anymore. I have seen some cool screen savers that will take family photos and randomly display them on the family computer for everyone to see. It’s great when guests come over and they can look through a variety of family pictures from a computer screen that is randomly showing them. There are also programs online available for people who want to create their own slide shows. If you know how to upload a picture to your computer, you could create a slide show for your family. You could choose to display pictures of the whole family or just pick a special event to have a specific slide show. Perhaps you have a lot of photos from a family reunion or a summer vacation you took recently. You could make a slide show and only include pictures from that one day family reunion or the pictures you took for an entire week; while on a family vacation. A slide show or a screen saver is just one of the many ways people are using their computers for family entertainment.

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Get outside and control your vacation

If you are considering spending your vacation outdoors this year then make sure to check out a new site that we just became aware of where you will find a lot of great information and expert reviews on various outdoor activities. You can search through their blog or forums to find multiple outdoor review articles that can help you get expert opinions on various activities then check them out at There are hundreds of sites that you will find when searching online, but I found this site very simple and easy to navigate. Their forum is laid in simple terms to help you find a multitude of conversations that are kept current from people all across the country sharing their opinions and experience.

cavesThey even feature articles on activities like Spelunking here in the US and other countries like Poland. Spelunking for those that are not familiar with the term is bascially exploring caves. This activity can be a great vacation idea since many of the top caves that are located near major parks have great tour guides that can show the history of the caves and provide you with views that you will never see above ground. I remember back when I was young we would visit Carlsbad caverns and tour the caves and view the massive rock formations that are still forming today. Then in the evening during the summer months you could view the bats exit from the cave as the left to find food. These are great activities that are inexpensive and create a lot of memories.

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Japan’s Nuclear Waste a Concern

Japan is having no luck in getting ahead of all of the miseries this Asian nation has been forced to deal with over the last several days. The problems all started with a massive off-shore earthquake that was several hundred miles from the Japanese Coastline. This was a 8.9 earthquake and it is very rare to ever see quakes this big; even though the tiny island nation is use to dealing with earthquakes. A few hours after this horrible quake, a massive wall of water plunged ashore in Japan. It was the tsunami that caused most of the problems and destruction; when you compare it to the damages from the earthquake.

After these two events, things would just get worse for Japan, as the nuclear power plants became unsafe. No nation on the planet could handle 3 disasters like this back to back to back. Now officials in Japan need to figure out how to control the nuclear waste and the damaged plants; which may currently be in a meltdown status. It isn’t like you can take stainless steel barrels and store nuclear waste in them. These types of barrels have many uses and are good for a lot of things, but not something that can handle the materials from a damaged nuclear facility. Japan does need a lot of donations right now and if someone was in a position to donate several hundred of these steel barrels, I’m sure the rescue units and first response teams, could put these handy little barrels to use. Other donations in the form of medical supplies, food, water, blankets, clothing, flashlights, and batteries would also be the type of items the Japanese Officials could make good use of, over the next few months. As always, if you would like to help, there isn’t a better donation than money. Your cash donations allow the emergency crews and people in charge to buy the main things they need first. If you would like to help Japan get through their earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear problems; a cash donation to a charity or non-profit group is the best way to help.

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2010 New Year’s Diet Resolutions

How many of you wanted to lose more weight in 2010? More importantly, how many people out there are still staying true to their New Year’s diet resolutions? If you have made it this far; then you certainly beat me this year and all of the other resolutions I failed too. Only another week left in March and that is that magical 3 month or 90 day period. Anything you can stick to for 3 months or 90 days, should become a habit for you. There are good habits and bad habits, so be sure you’re doing the right thing over each 90 day period. I believe 90 days is the key for diets that work and people continue to follow their dieting routines after 90 days. Give yourself a big pat on the back; if you have been on a diet since New Year’s Day or longer. As for me, I believe I will just try to find an easier resolution to try and lower my standards. Maybe that way, I can finally make a resolution last more than 90 days.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Legal in Public Places?

An electronic cigarette is pretty much like the real thing for smokers, but it isn’t the real thing. A lot of new laws have been made recently that prohibit smokers from lighting up in public places. I know these laws are present in my state and no one is allowed to smoke in a public building. I disagree with these laws and I think business owners should be allowed to make up and enforce their own rules when it comes to smoking in their establishments. You wouldn’t want someone coming to your house and telling you that you couldn’t smoke any more and this is basically the same thing the Government is doing to business owners right now.

Since we can’t light up a good cigar or a cigarette in a public building; would there be another alternative to smoking indoors and in public? The law does say “no smoking”, so the law would cover most things you would light up. It gets a little tricky when you think about electronic cigarettes and if they would be an acceptable form of smoking in public? It would be nice if smokers had a choice to make on this matter and have an outlet for their smoke cravings in public places. It does seem like there would be a way around these laws and perhaps the electronic cigarette will be the answer everyone is looking for.

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